A Blessing or a Curse (Perspective)

The truth is life changes. Sometimes we deem the changes good, sometimes not. This makes looking too far ahead a bit scary. 

My husband and I are unsure of the future on many fronts: Where will we live in a few short years? Where will Rachel’s home be? Can we find a secure home where she can continue to receive love and continue her growth toward God?

It’s unsettling, … and there’s more.


Life Changes

Our oldest is graduated (2017, now from college!). His arm is not quite whole. His body fighting an autoimmune disease.

But he’s so ready to take his place in this world. And prepared, I think.

And our second son. Fighting to find his way in a life all too often cruel. Striving to be who he thinks he should be but wondering if that is really who he is.

The beauty and ugly of life. Who says which is which? Who has the authority or the understanding to label?

Then there’s my sweet girl.

Where will she be when we leave to go Home?

Will she find her way?

Will she find peace and comfort in a place different from the life she’s always known?

Will she understand?

Will she be valued?

Are her disabilities a blessing or something less?

And my sweet baby-almost-teenager (2017, now 15). I don’t like it but it’s wonderful—the way he grows. So vulnerable yet so strong.

They grow. Life changes. Things happen. Each day rolls into the next. The events unfold—often not the way I want.children


Is it good or is it bad? A blessing or a curse?

I’m not sure. You tell me.

Isn’t good and bad relative?

Perhaps it just depends on who’s eyes you look through. Maybe it’s all in how you see it.

Maybe it’s about looking to the One who knows, and trusting His goodness.

Maybe whether circumstances are good or bad depends on perspective, on where you're looking and who you're trusting Click To Tweet

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways. For as heaven is higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55: 8-9 HCSB)

Reflections: Are you having difficulty seeing your circumstances as a blessing? Is it time to get a new perspective? How can I pray for you?

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8 comments on “A Blessing or a Curse (Perspective)
  1. Sharita says:

    Great thoughts, Julie… It is so hard to let the unknown simply be the unknown… But you are so so right in the fact that we can look through the lens of The One who has it all under control. Visiting from FMF! Blessings to you sister 🙂

    • juliesunne says:

      Thanks, Sharity, and welcome! That’s where we need to rest–in His arms. All things will be used for our good after passing through Him, even if they began as a cursing. Enjoy this blessed day.

  2. Paddy Druhl says:

    Julie, I love reading your thoughts. They are so incouraging and yet so challenging. I try to read daily “My Upmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. Yesterday’s reading challenged to me to ponder, “Do I wait or tarry considering what god’s will is in my life and the life of others or am I so full of self that I decide who I must tell and what I must say to others about Jesus?” We or rather I want to be a child of God, but am I always runnning ahead of God saying this way, this way? Children grow up sooner than we want and like god we must allow them to make their own choices. Just know that you have done a good job, the best that you can and given that they will make it somehow just as we have. Blessings, Paddy Druhl

    • juliesunne says:

      Thanks, Paddy, for the encouragement. Oswald Chambers can be so convicting yet so enlightening. We must always challenge ourselves to His way not ours! Enjoy this blessed day.

  3. Love the questions in your “share” section. Blessings, Friend, through transitions.

    • juliesunne says:

      Thanks, Rachel. I believe transitions are the most difficult times to hold onto our faith. Doubt creeps in–about what we’ve done in the past, how to handle the present, and what the future may bring. Praying for strength for you in your own transitions.

  4. Linda says:

    Life certainly throws us challenges. You never can say, that will never happen in my family. Yet, you must know that you have raised your family in God’s word and what happens in their lives is not our fault as the Devil lives today to cause sadness and challenges our faith. We need to support each other with God’s Word. Thank you, Julie.

    • juliesunne says:

      We definitely need to support each other, Linda! God’s Word is the truth we need to cling to when we can’t see clearly (which seems to be far too often for me!). Thank you for your encouragement.

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