Welcome to my speaker’s page. I love personally connecting with and encouraging other travelers in this journey of faith.

To contact me regarding speaking, please do so through my contact page. 

Speaker Topics 

  • The Search for Significance: Exploring the worth we each have in the eyes of the Lord
  • Growing Special Children Together: Steps to ensure our “special children” reach their full potential (lessons learned from raising a daughter with disabilities);
  • Growing Through the Power of Relationship: Importance of positive relationships in fulfilling our potential;
  • His daily grace: Encouragement in the promise of God’s grace for every day Redemption through a faithful God
  • Live Again: Reignite the Flame of Hope: Rediscovering hope, purpose and meaning in our daily lives of struggle through the radical love and redemption of Jesus Christ;
  • Living Beyond Labels: Reaching beyond the labels of disabled, elderly, worthless, sinful to live a life of purpose;
  • The Pendulum Swing—Changing Tears to Laughter: Encouragement to navigate the roller coaster journey from despair to joy in the grace and mercy of the Lord (drawn from my experience of losing five children through miscarriage and having a daughter with significant disabilities)
  • You Are Here to Make a Difference: Understanding each of us has a purpose to fulfill as long as we remain on earth, no matter how old or frail we may be

Tailored talks around topics of disabilities, parenting,  faith, grace, worth, and perseverance can be arranged.

Past Speaker Training and Presentations

  • Graduate of Parents as Presenters training conference in 2010, alumni support staff in 2011 and support staff/presenter in 2012
  • Shared my testimony and spoke at Our Savior Lutheran Church on navigating the roller coaster journey of life
  • Presented at high school and college venues on raising a child with disabilities and the power of positive relationships
  • Participated on university parents panels discussing children with disabilities

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  1. Dave says:

    Congratulations on your walk! and how it has grown. Would you help me to get restarted with my walk and especially speaking?
    Yours in Christ!

  2. Herman Fleischman says:

    What’s about the kosher law their is lot’s of confusion

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