A Surefire Way To Turn Failure Into Success

Each day begins hopeful. I learned from yesterday and have a new shot at today. day of promise

My resolve is strong to make today count. To reclaim my days to be a better servant; a more loving friend, sister, daughter, wife, and mother; and a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ. 

I want to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Yet, how many times during a day can I fail? How many times do I fall flat on my face in my attempt to do it right? 

There are those rare times when all goes well. Those glorious days of beauty and peace and joy. 

More often than not, though, I find myself going up peaks and down valleys throughout a given 24 hours.

 I awake to birds chirping, sun rising and the world spinning in peaceful harmony. An hour later I’m whirling in self-doubt, saturated in self-preservation, and mired in self-misery (yes, self-inflicted for the most part).

It’s a curse we all live with. A promise that we will have pain in childbirth and struggle in our lives. It’s a direct descendant of human pride. It’s of sin and flesh and imperfection. 

It’s assurance that failure happens—repeatedly. When our fallen nature emerges, when sin reigns, when the imperfections of our flesh  surface, we will fail. 

But failure only remains when we forget where to fail (or choose not to). 

Failure doesn’t stay failure when given to God.

The Lord is in the business of redeeming. He can and will use even our failures. 

Through His redemption, our stumbling steps will lead to a stronger character. Our self-misery will produce compassion. Our hot tears of frustration and doubt will grow passion and purpose. 

When we fail up—give our failure to God—it becomes a catalyst to surer steps and a glorious witness to His love and faithfulne ss.

When we give our failure to God, it becomes a catalyst to surer steps and a glorious witness to His faithfulness. Click To Tweet

In His embrace, our Creator and Perfecter lovingly restores us, chipping and molding us into a closer image of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

And, yes, scars will remain.

But those scars will be His story—one of success not failure at all. 

Failing-up promises hope for each new day. 

“David said to Gad, ‘I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is great'” (2 Samuel 24:14).

Dear Faithful and Ever-loving Creator and Perfecter, 

You know our daily struggles and failures. You know how often we do what we hate. You know how our flesh sabotages our righteous attempts. Yet in your infinite mercy, you promise to be there for us in our failures. Lord, give us hope, guide us in “failing-up” into Your arms, so that You can redeem our shortcomings, our struggles, our human nature. Create a glorious story in the scars of our failings Father. 

In the majestic name of Jesus Christ, 


Questions to discuss: Are you struggling with repeated failures? Have you tried failing up into the Lord’s arms? What have been the results?

By His grace ≈


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4 comments on “A Surefire Way To Turn Failure Into Success
  1. *sigh* I need this today. Thank you, friend.

  2. Good thoughts Julie (as always :). I am struggling less with failures now because I view them as growth opportunities. And they happen every day! I like the concept of failing up into the Lord’s arms. Well said!

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