Back to School Jitters—Mama Style

It’s back-to-school season. Hot, breezy days grow shorter. Jars of fruit preserves, apple sauce, and green beans line basement shelves. Sweet corn freezes hard in quart bags.back to school time - preserves

Summer wanes, autumn approaches. I love this time of year, yet there is an element to it that makes me wish for June again.

It’s not the impending harshness of winter that dampens my enthusiasm. I enjoy each season as a refreshing break from the previous one. My hesitation comes from a mother’s heart …

… for this is the time when many of us begin kissing our children goodbye in the early morning, not to greet them again until mid-afternoon.

It is back-to-school time.

Back to School for Parents

Often we discuss how to help our children adjust to school days. Today, though, I’m offering a different look at transitioning: this time from a parent’s point-of-view.

Every August since 1999, when my oldest began kindergarten, I’ve felt the back-to-school jitters. Wishing I could be a fly on the wall of their classrooms, I’d pray for understanding teachers, supportive Christian friends, and a willingness to learn on my children’s part. … And that I’d get through the first few days without melting in a sea of tears or wandering aimlessly until we were together again.

It isn’t that I don’t have activities to occupy my time. There is plenty to do. But I want to be there to protect and support them, and nothing seems as enjoyable or meaningful without my children around.  I miss them when they are gone. Plain and simple. 

Today I’m honored to be guest posting about mama-style back-to-school jitters at Karen Lembo’s blog, Living Above the Laundry Pile. Click here to come on over and read the rest of the story.


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2 comments on “Back to School Jitters—Mama Style
  1. Those jams are looking good!! You’re inspiring me to get in the kitchen today. 🙂

  2. juliesunne says:

    Hopefully you have less heat than we do today, Rachel. Otherwise you might want to wait for tomorrow! Enjoy.

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