Why it is Good to Dance (Celebrate) [Short Bursts of Encouragement]

Awkward and off-balance, Danny swung me around the dance floor. My first time swing dancing and I looked foolish, I’m sure of it. Part of me wanted to hang back, play it safe, not accept my son’s invitation. 

But how often does a mother get to dance with her college-age son?  

Playing it safe would have robbed me of the precious gift of those moments.

And so I danced, spinning dizzily and laughing away the embarrassment. I held onto the treasure of the moment despite my awkwardness.

Grasping the hands of my son, I held a gift. This time I chose to unwrap it.


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Celebrate Life

How often do we choose the safer option?

How often does the fear of looking a fool hold us back from fully living, heartily rejoicing, or boldly proclaiming?

How often does protecting our self-image get in the way of celebrating this gift of life or giving God glory?

How often do we live as slaves to fear when we are really heirs to freedom? 

Sadly, there have been many similar opportunities that I’ve let slip away. Times when I was more concerned about looking foolish than savoring a moment. And I can’t get those times back. 

But I can learn and grow from them. And I have. And I am. 

Today, let’s determine to do better at delighting in the precious moments the Lord orchestrates. Let’s be more intentional about savoring His gifts. Let’s make a point to display the richness of a Christ-centered life, not just speak of it. 

As redeemed children of God, let’s smile easier, laugh heartier, savor oftener, and proclaim with more fervor. Let’s celebrate before the Lord.

As redeemed children, we should smile easier, laugh heartier, savor oftener & proclaim w/ more fervor. Click To Tweet

Today and every day that we are granted breath, let’s choose to express the joy of our salvation. 

Today and every day that we are granted breath, let's choose to express the joy of our salvation. Click To Tweet

David was dancing before the Lord with all his might,… [He said,] I will celebrate before the Lord. 2 Samuel 6:14, 21

Reflection: Do you find it difficult to express joy? Have you missed celebrating and savoring moments because you were more concerned with appearances?

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By His grace ≈


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4 comments on “Why it is Good to Dance (Celebrate) [Short Bursts of Encouragement]
  1. Kathleen says:

    Julie, I am visiting from Coffee for your heart. I really enjoyed your post. You are so right we need to seize those moments God Blesses us with!

  2. Cecelia Lester (Quiet Spirit) says:

    Julie: Yes, we do miss out on a lot of joy when we hang back. Some times, we hang back out of fear we will offend someone. When this happens we have to ask God to guide us through the times of sadness because we chose not to do the fun thing orthe neat thing.

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