How Many Times Have I Missed Blessing Another?

My friend had been on my mind for quite some time. It had been weeks since she’d been moved to her new room in the memory-care wing and I had yet to see it.

But that morning? That morning I had so many errands to run and lots of editing when I got home!

My visit will just have to wait, I reasoned.

Yet as I drove away from the home, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to turn around. The Lord seemed to be impressing upon me the next right step, not the one I had planned for my morning.


This time I listened to that still small voice. Turning the car around in the nearest parking lot, I headed back to see my elderly friend.

My visit was short but meaningful, bringing blessings far beyond what “getting things done” would have yielded.

In fact, I don’t remember what my errands were that morning or if I even got them done. But I still remember my friend’s smile, the encouragement I was able to give her, and the joy I felt as I left her.

Missed Blessing

Not too many years ago, I “visited” too late. My neighbor died before I made that promised and planned for “someday” stop. 

I vowed to do better. Yet here I am. Still stumbling under the weight of to-do instead of to-be-present. Still setting aside relationship for accomplishment. 

Perhaps today I heed the Lord’s nudge a bit more often, but, oh, how often I still ignore those gentle prompts.

I hate to guess how many times I miss blessing another because I believe I’m too busy or have nothing of value to say.

How many times have I missed the blessing of showing up in someone's life because I deemed myself too busy? Click To Tweet

It’s easy to make excuses.

I must get this done. That can’t wait. She’ll understand. I don’t know what to say. I’ll visit next week. 

Next week is as good as never. I know because I’ve used “next week” often in my excuses. 

Today is the day. Now is the time.

Visit the shut-in. Send a card to the hurting. Call that absent friend.

You don’t have to be or do all for them. Just be present. Just be the present. Just show up. 

You don't have to be or do all for someone. Just be present. Just be the present. Just show up. Click To Tweet

That’s all my elderly friend wanted. And honestly, it took less than 30 minutes for me to be present. 

I won’t meet everyone’s needs, and I’m not supposed to.

But I can show up in the lives of others on a more regular basis.

I can share God’s love through my actions of love. 

I can let the people in my life know I care.

And to know someone cares is one of the greatest blessings any of us can receive. 

Just show up, because to know someone cares is one of the greatest blessings any of us can receive. Click To Tweet

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4 

Reflections: How can you be more present for others? Who do you need to drop that overdue note to? Who do you need to visit today?

I am always thrilled to link up with Suzie Eller for #livefreeThursday and this week’s prompt, “just show up.” I love these special linkups. They provide an abundance of great inspiration and encouragement all in one place. Click on the image below or link above to check them out.



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8 comments on “How Many Times Have I Missed Blessing Another?
  1. Kristine Brown MTY says:

    I can completely relate to the story you share here, Julie. That ‘next week’ sounds very familiar. It’s amazing how quickly time passes, and before I know it several months have passed by. I have taken steps toward being more intentional with showing up, but I need to improve even more in this area. It feels so good to show up:) Thank you for sharing, and glad we are neighbors today at live free linkup!

  2. Your words resonate for me because with my mum in a nursing home, I am in perpetual tally mode . . .
    “How many days since last visit?”
    “Gotta get in there . . . tomorrow.”
    Showing up is the most important thing I can do for her right now.
    Thanks for your encouragement.

    • Julie Sunne says:

      I understand the turmoil of “feeling guilty” about not showing up enough with the practical logistics of life, Michele. We also like to complicate blessing others: thinking we can’t stay long, wondering if it’s a bad time, planning on bringing something special. Those can be legitimate concerns, but let’s not keep them from preventing us from simply showing up.

      Praying for blessings of strength to you as you bless your mother with you!

  3. Cindy says:

    Julie, I shook my head in agreement through your whole post! I so often feel the urging to show up but find a million excuses to ignore the prompting. I’m sure I have missed many blessings because of it. Thank you for such an important reminder to “be the present”! Cindy

    • Julie Sunne says:

      The Lord redeems it all when we give it to Him, Cindy. Handing Him our failures in an area results in growth, insight, and wisdom. Let’s follow Him in being the present.

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