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Sometimes I Forget by Julie Sunne
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Sometimes I Forget

How do we trust God for good when everything looks so wrong? How do we hold onto hope when our world is falling apart?

Come rest with the One whose very nature promises hope!

Sometimes I Forget, Lord, invites us to know God more intimately, so we can trust Him more deeply. Inspired by her own experiences of desperation, Julie weaves a prayer of lament and hope through 60 attributes of God. The simple prayers, real stories, and powerful reminders, offer comforting reassurance that God will be faithful in all He promises.

Cultivate the Practice and Experience the Peace of Everyday Praise!

Everyday Praise

Praising God comes easy during life’s grand moments.

Yet we tend to forget all about esteeming Him in the difficult ones when it can most benefit us.

Explore the possibility of praising God in even the most difficult circumstances

Develop a practice of daily devotion to God.

We were created for praise! Cultivate the practice of glorifying God daily. Let your heart find rest in the shelter of God’s goodness.

Everyday Praise Devotional by Julie Sunne