When the Scene Unfolding in Your Life Story Isn’t the One You Would Script

Our life story will have hardship and conflict, and although it’s hard to accept, it really is for our best. 

Our life story will have hardship and conflict, and although it's hard to accept, it really is for our best. Click To Tweet

We all enjoy a good story. One in which there’s a main character we can identify with, a plot that captures our attention, and an ending that leaves us smiling. (Okay, well that is how I want my stories to end anyway!)

Yet any narrative that matters is one that involves conflict or struggle. Without tension, a script not only reads bland, but lacks character growth and meaning as well. 

Still, given a chance, most of us would attempt to bypass the hardship in our own life story. Ask any of us to write the scripts for own lives and what would we edit out? Yep, the struggle, the hardship, the tension. 

suffering in your life story brings about hope

Editing Out Conflict

Moses tried it. When he met the Lord in the burning bush scene, he begged and pleaded with God to send someone else to lead the Israelites to freedom (Exodus 3).

God would have none of it. Although He did allow Moses to take along his brother, Aaron, to help. 

Elijah tried it. Exhausted and pursued by King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, Elijah cried out to God to let him die instead of asking him to do this hard thing (1 Kings 19).

Again, the Lord would have none of it. Although he did allow Elijah to rest and provided him with food to strengthen him before the next chapter of his life. 

Conflict Is Necessary

One would think Joseph (of the coat of many colors fame) would have tried to edit out the hardships in his life. The thrown in a well scene, the slavery scene, the accused of messing with Pharaoh’s wife scene, the thrown in a dungeon scene. 

Instead, Joseph amazingly realized that the struggles in his life story were necessary to bring about a good ending, to offer hope (Genesis 45:7; Genesis 50:19-20). 

Joseph didn’t get stuck staring at the mess he stood in but focused instead on the potential good that might come out of the mess. In other words, he trusted in an ultimately good outcome or ending, one that delivered hope, not only for himself but for others.

Joseph knew that conflict is a necessary part of growth, and he trusted God had a purpose for his struggles that was beyond his current understanding. 

Conflict is necessary for growth. Trust God has a purpose for your struggles beyond your current understanding. Click To Tweet

Such wisdom can only come because he walked closely with his Lord.

Trust in the Author of Your Life Story

There are some authors I wouldn’t trust with writing the ending to my life story, myself included. Some would edit out all the conflict (hand waving here), others would craft a sad (read hopeless here) ending. Neither would provide growth, purpose, and transformation. 

But the actual Author of my story, the Creator and Editor of my life, He definitely has a happy ending in mind for me. Actually He has crafted the same ultimate ending for each of us if we want it.

And more, He knows that to prepare me (and others) to reach that conclusion, tension must be a part of the narrative. I cannot grow to the proper depth and breadth needed for my character development without conflict. Neither can you. 

Knowing this, given the opportunity, I’d still edit out the worst losses, the deepest valleys, the most painful moments. In fact, I try on a regular basis. 

But thank God, He holds the final narrative of my life.

Thank God, He has the ending engraved in the wooden cross.

Thank God, He continues to edit my story to include the conflicts necessary to hold on for that hope-filled ending.

Thank God, He edits our life stories to include the conflicts necessary to hold on for that hope-filled ending. Click To Tweet

With God as my author and editor, I’m secure in knowing that whatever scene is currently unfolding in my life, it’s only contributing to the happy ending He has planned for me. 

And it’s worth far more than I could ask for! 

“Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,” Romans 5:3-4, ESV

Reflections: What scene is unfolding in your life story right now? Is it a difficult one? Trust that the Author of your life story has written your script with a happy ending and that all scenes contribute to that conclusion—as He grows and builds your character and that of those around you.

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By His grace ≈


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2 comments on “When the Scene Unfolding in Your Life Story Isn’t the One You Would Script
  1. Eva Evans says:

    Julie, I can’t believe that nobody has commented yet on this challenging yet comforting post. Thank you so much!

    • Julie Sunne says:

      You are so sweet to say so, Eva! Thank you. It certainly is a challenging concept, but glad you’re comforted by it as well. Just what I had hoped. Thank you, Lord, for guiding my thoughts!

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