Cleaning the Inside – the Jesus Way

Have you ever entered an alluring house, with a “to-die-for” exterior and immaculate landscaping, only to be turned off the instant you stepped through the door?

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A house with a well-manicured outside is inviting. Trimmed flora, scrubbed siding, and grime-free windows project an impression of care by the owners.

However, a spiffy outside doesn’t compensate for a trashed inside.

The same can be said for you and me. A sparkling, well-cared for outside matters little if filth covers our inside.

Recently, I began a crusade to create an orderly (somewhat), clean house. The cluttered mess that had accumulated robbed me of peace and contentment. I cringed when entering what should have been a safe, comfortable haven.

I first tackled the kitchen. As I scrubbed, tossed, and organized, an astounding transformation began—not only of my counters, but in my attitude. No longer did I wince when I entered my kitchen.

My husband appreciated the difference. But even more, I began enjoying my home again. A little cleaning changed the entire atmosphere.

This is true with our inner being as well.

Peace and joy reign when the inside is in order.

The sad truth is we obsess over what we look like on the outside while largely ignoring our inside. Many of us ladies need an extra bag just for our cosmetics. And then there’s the countless dollars that are spent on tanning, toning, and tuning.

We like to clean and maintain our outside, the inside seems harder.

But it needn’t be.

The Lord gave us the Ultimate Cleanser for our inner grime. It is and always will be the most powerful and effective cleaner on the market. It never runs out nor loses potency. And It works on every type of smut.

Even more wonderful is that although our spotlessness came at a great price, it is free to you and me.

That Cleanser is the blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Through His blood we are made “white as snow.” All we need to do is turn to Him. Confess our sins. Acknowledge He is our Savior. Invite Him in to vacuum and scrub us clean.

We don’t have to be perfect or spotless first. But we do have to acknowledge our filth, how blackened our hearts have become. And in so doing , surrender our lives, give Him our entire selves.

Next time you attempt to clean up and beautify the outer you, reflect on your inner self.

With each stroke of your hairbrush or application of makeup, consciously lay down your will. Offer it to the Lord. Allow Him to make your inside sparkle, too.

Next time you attempt to beautify the outer you, reflect on your inner self; ask Jesus to make that sparkle as well. Click To Tweet

Let peace and joy reign in your heart as well as in your house.

“Blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup, so the outside of it may also become clean” (Matthew 23:26 HCSB).

Reflections: Is there an area of your life that needs dusting or polished? Do you need to ask the Lord to illuminate your grime and ultimately wipe it clean? Is there a specific way I can pray for you?

By His grace ≈


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