Curb Foolish Complaints (Simple Reminders of the Lord’s Goodness)

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Raspberries, elderberries, wild plums, wild grapes, mulberries, milkweed pods, mayflowers, mushrooms, nettles, goldenrod, dandelion, acorns, hickory nuts–an endless list.

There is a stunning variety and abundance of usable wild edibles. All point to a Creator … and His goodness. 

Wild grapes_TasteandSee4Fall (or Autumn) is a perfect time to rekindle awareness of God’s bountiful provisions in our lives. 

From farmers’ crops to garden produce to foraged edibles, God has indeed provided a continual smorgasbord in our backyard. 

A smorgasbord that highlights His love and care for us. 


Harvesting in any form offers many lessons. It teaches us patience. It provides a glimpse into the complexity and interaction of the created world.

But most of all, gathering the spoils of the land propagates gratitude. 

As we reap the benefits of our patience and diligence (and God’s seed, timely rains, and warm sun), a deep appreciation develops for the incredible array of possibilities and blessings God places in our world.

Not long ago I posted this to Facebook:

The boys and I picked fruits and veggies from our garden the other day. To stem the complaining at having to help, I pointed out how much we had to eat compared to many. 

Looking around, the truth of my words soaked in. At that moment, I had at least 10 kinds of produce I could fill up on within 40 yards of where we worked. Not 1 but 10! Talk about being richly blessed and having abundant provisions. What do I have to complain about–a little heat, a few bugs on my squash, lack of picking help, having to process all of it? Nothing in light of the big picture!

Time to retire those foolish complaints. What is a silly complaint you find yourself uttering that you’d like to retire?

(Oops, I guess I forgot my aching back.)

Unfortunately, gratefulness at the abundant harvest quickly gives way to discontent again. Complaints drip from our lips subconsciously. We can’t seem to shake the habit. (I’m oh so guilty of this!) 

Our hearts are filled with unrest even though our lives are marked by plenty. [←Tweet this.]

 acorn pancakes_goodnessoftheLord2

Remembering He Is Good!

Every year I teach an edible outdoors class to our 5th graders. It’s a wonderful time. I let the students taste my wild fruit preserves and syrups, teas made from woodland or prairie plants, Sumac lemonade, and gathered nuts. I help them see that what they (we) take for granted are indeed gifts from God. I give them a taste of the Lord’s bountiful goodness. Hopefully spurring gratefulness. 

This year, let’s aim for gratitude in our own lives. Let’s curb our foolish complaints. Let’s spread joy and peace, instead of unhappiness and discontent.

Let’s taste His goodness! and not just for a season but year round. I encourage you to create intentional reminders to celebrate beyond the harvest season. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a farmer, gardener, or forager.)

We can all try one or more of these simple suggestions:

  • Prominently display one glistening jar of homemade jam, jelly, or syrup (purchase one at a Farmer’s Market or beg one from a friend if you don’t make preserves). Whenever you glance at the pretty preserve, think of His many provisions. If you can’t resist and gobble it up, simply pull out or buy another. 
  • Keep a container of nuts handy to snack on. With each yummy bite, give thanks. 
  • Collect and dry raspberry or mint leaves (catnip is plentiful where I live and one of my favorites) or clover flowers. Use them to make teas. As the aromatic steam rises, praise God for His goodness. 
  • Use indoor containers to grow mints and other herbs that can be used in cooking and as a potpourri. Every whiff is a fresh reminder of the Lord’s blessings.  
  • If you are creative in a designer sort of way (I’m not), dry flowers and pretty grasses and create a wall hanging or arrangement showing off God’s gift of beauty. 

There are endless fun and lovely ways to remind ourselves of the goodness of the Lord. Use one of my suggestions or come up with your own. But as we enter a season of harvest and then a season of rest, 

let’s learn to celebrate the goodness of the Lord each and every day. [←Tweet this.]

 “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” (Psalm 34:8).

Reflections: Add to my list and share. What other tangible ways do you use to remind yourself of the Lord’s goodness? 


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  1. Debi Stangeland on September 4, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Great words Julie. Thank you for the encouragement and the reminder. This is great!! (found you at My daily walk)

    • Julie Sunne on September 4, 2013 at 11:10 am

      So nice to have you pop over, Debi. I’m grateful my words encouraged you.

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