Declaring God’s Glory

The view was spectacular! As we drove through the winding roads of western Wisconsin, Daniel and I were captivated by gorgeous vistas.


The various green shades of the trees intermingled with the sky blues and the wisps of cloud white. Later as evening began to descend on us, the brilliance of a full moon illuminated the otherwise darkened sky.

I marvel at God’s goodness at these times.

His grace is endless. And His might … breathtaking!

God's grace is endless. And His might … breathtaking! All for us! Click To Tweet

With just a few simple words, He brought into being all we behold. Even more amazing is that He didn’t speak it drab. He spoke it into existence in infinite color shades, a plethora of textures, and an astounding array of fascinating shapes and sizes.

All of this just for us! For our delight!

Just imagine, God could have made our world devoid of color. So would that mean everything would be stark black (not reflecting any light) or some other “non-color” that we do not have a name for? It’s anybody’s guess, but either way, I don’t relish living in such a place.

Instead, the Almighty chose to entertain us. To brighten our days—even those most dismal of days. To fill our senses, so we can enjoy and endure!

And, although the Creator is immutable(Hebrews 13:8), His creation is constantly in flux!

Just look at the moon. Sometimes it is bright, other times more dingy looking; sometimes full, other times half or even just a sliver. For a few days out of the month, we cannot even see it.

And if green leaves get monotonous, just visit a temperate climate in late September/early October and see the spectacle! Various hues of green give way to reds, oranges, yellows, browns in fall. A riot of colors assault our senses.

God’s other creatures go through many changes as well. Have you ever followed the lifecycle of a butterfly or frog? Or measured the size difference between a baby elephant and its mother?

And what mother doesn’t expound on how different her teenager is from the infant she gave birth to?

For the past few weeks I’ve been preparing to go to my first-ever writer/speaker/women ministry conference . The endless list of things to do has left me little time to enjoy much beyond the four walls of my house.

However, the preparations are nearly over—I fly out this morning. And as I travel to the East coast, I will have time to witness once again the majestic nature of our Lord reflected in the brilliance of the sun as it bounces off clouds of cotton and the radiant blue piercing the sky.

This vast magnificence of creation reveals the heart of God, in all its glory.

This vast magnificence of creation reveals the heart of God, in all its glory. Click To Tweet

Take time today to savor the sweetness.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky proclaims the work of His hands” (Psalm 19:1 HCSB).

Share in the Discussion: In the events of your day, do you often find yourself too busy to admire the glowing orb as it descends below the horizon, shooting streaks of color outward, or to sit among a rainbow of flowers dotting the landscape of leafy green? What’s your favorite way to revel in God’s creativity?

By His grace ≈


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  1. Linda Thomas says:

    Bless you as you go to your conference! How exciting. I look forward to hearing about it afterward. 🙂


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