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Experience the Fullness of God

“Mom did much of the leg work for me. She really did a lot.”

Tears sprang to his mama’s eyes as this 6-ft-something 17 year old praised her efforts on his behalf.

He didn’t directly thank her. He didn’t have to. His recognition of and public praise for all she had done for him held even more meaning.

We teach our children to express gratitude in an attempt to cultivate their awareness of the other person’s contributions. It’s a tool meant to direct their eyes off self.

In fact, often the first manners parents tackle after teaching simple greetings is how to politely ask and acknowledge the receipt of something. We deem it that important.

However, too often, thanksgiving becomes a tit-for-tat exchange. We receive something, we give thanks for it.

So what happens when we don’t notice anything to be grateful for? …

Thanksgiving can become a tit-for-tat exchange. So what happens when we don’t notice anything to be grateful for? Click To Tweet

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fullness of God

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