How To Find True Life in a Spinning Out-of-Control World

This world, it has me spinning. Just when I think I have a hold on it, it slips from my grasp. swirling light

A New Year. A new beginning, everyday a new beginning. Yet at times it just feels old. Like it’s slipped past once before. Like it’s de ja vu all over again. 

My heart yearns for the yesteryear’s, but they are but a blink. It leaps forward to live the future, today and tomorrow, for all its worth. Compassionately, efficiently, passionately, Godly.

Yet my flesh would have it differently. Satan would play the “me” game. And I’m back in the circle of whatever feels good. 

When the children were little. That’s when I had control. Didn’t I? The predictability of my days dictated so.

There were some crazy, screaming, “why did I ever do this” days to be sure. But I lived the queen. The days mostly answered to my direction. Or so I thought. Taking control

Yet we live as kings and queens but for a moment. An illusion that we know what we are doing. 

Now I fight for a semblance of control, of the familiar. Of family togetherness and comfort and sameness. 

True Life

I fight against losing myself. When really isn’t that where true life lies? In the emptying of me? 

When I lose, I win. Isn’t that the way Jesus put it? (Matthew 16:25; Luke 9:24) The least is the greatest. (Luke 9:48)

I fight against losing myself, but isn't that where true life lies? In the emptying of me? Click To Tweet

My flesh is but rotting. But His Spirit in me—now that’s something to fight for! And He has. All the way to the cross.

And I have but to let go. No more fighting. No more grasping at a world spinning out of control. It’s not mine to have. 

I have Life at my fingertips. Will I grab it and hold on for all it’s worth? Or will I reach for something that in the end will be but a wisp, dissipating with the passing days? 

You and I—try as we might, we weren’t meant to be kings and queens—to be in control. We were created to be princes and princesses—children of the One True King.

pathThat’s how we need to live. The days directed by the One who  knows exactly how many each of us has. 

Days that offer True Life. 

“I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.” (John 10:10)

We need to live with our days directed by the One who knows exactly how many each of us has = True Life! Click To Tweet

Reflection: Do you, like me, struggle with days of feeling out of control? What is the worst that will happen if you just let go and let God control and direct your days? 

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6 comments on “How To Find True Life in a Spinning Out-of-Control World
  1. Hmm, my kids are little, but my sense of control is fleeting. No matter the season, control is a mirage, best left to the one who really knows what he is doing! Good reminder here!

  2. jodaley says:

    My daughters are both in their early 20’s now…I have learned in recent years that fine line of speaking, but not too much : ) It’s challenging sometimes! Control is always an illusion, but when our children are little it’s one we can believe. I remind myself each day that God loves these girls more than I do, which takes my breath and gives me peace. Loved this post…happy new year!

    • Julie Sunne says:

      “Control is always an illusion, but when our children are little it’s one we can believe.” Exactly what I was trying to say! So glad you commented.

  3. dwacon says:

    A storm arose and tossed a boat around. Everyone panicked, except Jesus… Who was asleep. Good example to follow. When things get crazy, rest in Him.

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