For When It’s Tempting to Hide the True You

Walking in the room, I glance around. It’s filled with other parents. Men, women. Eyes begging for clarity. All looking for answers. 

In that moment, it’s tempting to become someone different. Someone I think they need more than the real broken me.


Someone who has it all together. Who never questions why. Who never sits in the dark trembling and crying and feeling so alone. One who never snaps in anger at her precious people. Or who is never messed and mussed. 

This is the dilemma. Give others what, in my self-consciousness, I want to present: Paint a picture of the me found only in dreams, magazines, and on T.V. The me who always smiles and nods and walks in perfect understanding.


Give them what they really need: Baring all I have–the real me. The ugly truth. The struggles. The hurts. But, oh yes, also share with them the triumphs, the joy and beauty. Let them see the hope that drives me on.

What good would the perfect me do? Scare and alienate those looking for connection and understanding? 

No, it’s far better, to expose reality. To acknowledge the brokenness found deep within, but to also celebrate His perfect love that pours from this imperfect heart. A love that salves aches and stitches wounds. 

Indeed, it’s far better to reveal the true me—and the true you—made worthy and useful in the true Him. 

It's tempting to hide the real us, but it's far better to reveal our true selves, made worthy in the true Him. Click To Tweet

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Psalm 73:26)

Reflections: When are you most tempted to hide the true you? Why?

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2 comments on “For When It’s Tempting to Hide the True You
  1. sandy kimmel says:

    thank you for so eloquently posting what we all feel. Only by His grace that we see who we truly are is who He created us to be….thank you.

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