In Awe and Wonder

I had a different post planned for today but couldn’t pass up joining in the last Five Minute Friday linkup of the year. Lisa-Jo is taking a break from these short writings for the month of December, so after this one, there will be no more FMF  posts until 2013.

Today’s prompt is a great one: Wonder.

◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊

When I open my eyes to the blessings of each day, I am amazed and astonished anew.

colorchange over lake

Who could imagine the glorious world we live in?

Who could be so creative as to design the changes we see in the seasons, the weeks, the moments? The unfurling of a flower bud, the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, the appearance of a rainbow of hope after a fierce storm?

Who could plan the incredible variety of sights, sounds, smells and tangibles  that assault our senses each day?caribou beetle

Who could imagine the impact of a sea of grass waving in the breeze, the sound of ocean waves crashing into shore, the soft skin of a baby, or the scent of new life awakening in the Spring?

sun through leaves

Who could imagine the power of a smile … the gift of a touch?

Who could imagine the possibility of a helpless baby changing into a capable man or a woman? Or more, a single cell dividing and rearranging to be born an incredibly complex infant in the image of the Father Himself?

Joey smile

Who could bring good from tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, poverty, and illness?

Who could transform death into a wondrous opportunity to live forever?

Who would use a sweet girl born with less earthly ability to show a mama the important things in life? Who would have mercy on a fearful, self-righteous, sin-filled woman and use her for His glory?

Who, indeed, but an unfathomably great God? A God of wondrous deeds—abounding in love, mercy, and grace.

This is the Lord, the One we are honored to serve. May we all open our eyes to His wonders today.

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“May the LORD God, the God of Israel, be praised, who alone does wonders. May His glorious name be praised forever; the whole earth is filled with His glory” (Psalm 72:18-19).

Reflections: What wonders have you noticed today? Please share in a comment.

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6 comments on “In Awe and Wonder
  1. Visiting from 5 Minute Friday. The biggest wonder that you lead me to is that God takes broken people and puts them back together in a new way, to be used for His Glory. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Becky Daye says:

    Thank you for walking me through these reminders of how we can find wonder in all of God’s amazing creation and His ability to accomplish His plan and purpose even in the midst of our frailties! It felt like I was reading a Psalm! Thank you for honoring God today through your words!

  3. exceptionalistic says:

    Thanks for visiting my post from FMF. I appreciate your post so much. I needed to be reminded of the amazement of God’s world.

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