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Messy or Not, We Are Loved

I was near tears. Nothing seemed to work.

We’ve tried for years, and Rachel had an accident again. As I cleaned her—and the floor—up, I couldn’t help but wonder if this would always be the case. Would she never understand what it means to go in the toilet?

My eyes searched hers as I fought for composure. I begged my sweet girl to understand and assured her she was old enough (14 is, isn’t it?). My pleading voice fell away as confusion and concern for me filled her beautiful brown eyes.

And as I knelt to clean her up, she leaned forward and gently kissed me on the face. I melted.

There was no question. I’d just go on loving her, messy or not.

Messy and Loved

Later, I couldn’t help thinking about how many times my heavenly Father has looked deep into my eyes and wondered, “why doesn’t she get it? She’s certainly old enough.” How many times has He sighed in frustration as He cleaned up my mess. Again.

More times than I care to remember, I’m sure.

Yet, no matter how many times I mess up, the Lord is there. Not to point His finger, not to chastise me, but to pick me up and encourage me all over again. To offer forgiveness and another chance.

Just as He did with so many throughout Scripture: the adulteress in John 8, Peter’s betrayal of Jesus, and Saul’s horrible persecution of Christians in his early years.

They messed up badly, but God reached out His hand and offered them redemption. He didn’t condone what they had done, but He did offer them His grace and mercy in spite of their failings.

My love for my daughter is greater than any messes she makes. How much more is my Savior’s love for me—that He would lay down His very life for me!

We can be assured: The Lord will go on loving us, messy or not.

No matter how many times we mess up, the Lord is there.... to pick us up and encourage us all over again. To offer forgiveness and another chance. The Lord will go on loving us, messy or not. Click To Tweet

“Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

Reflection: Is there an area in your life where you constantly mess up? How has your life changed knowing God is abounding in grace and mercy? 

Linking with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience in 2013 for my Joy Dare list  for Multitude Mondays (#1351–1371, read them all by clicking here):

  • Mom/son talks on timber hikes; Bolstering words from unknown friend; Doing dishes w/ my favorite girl
  • Serving at a funeral for a grace-filled lady; Ambushing youngest with snowballs; Hubby making supper;
  • Rustling of dried-up leaves in the breeze; Jesus painting hanging in church sanctuary; All Christmas decorations down
  • Lunch & day shopping(?!) w/ my oldest son; Drizzly rain; First tablet–iPad mini
  • An answer prayed for; Avoided getting bitten by the guinea pig; Comfy pajamas, cozy slippers, a good book, & a slushy
  • Listening to our high school jazz band; Son’s tenor saxophone playing; Homemade chicken nuggets
  • God’s presence even when I don’t “feel” Him; Past month spent w/ Dan home from college; Zach’s ability to make me laugh


By His grace ≈



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  1. Lori says:

    Beautiful. No fair. You made me cry. But then again, God does that all the time, doesn’t He? Visiting for the first time from Hungry for God and glad I did 🙂

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