Noticing the Balloons (and other gems)

The balloons fluttered brightly, stuck in a tree top. Red, yellow, pink, orange, purple. They contrasted dramatically against the dawn sky as I topped the hill and rounded the corner on my early morning walk. They were there to greet me two mornings in a row.balloons in tree

Looking down I would have missed them, but with my gaze focused ahead, I couldn’t help but notice their silhouette. I couldn’t help but smile.

This unforeseen gift lifted my spirits, putting a bit of a bounce in my dutiful step—helping my day begin a little better.

God has a knack of brightening our days in these unexpected ways.

When we’re stuck in the mire of our circumstances or drowning in the dreariness of everyday life, He sends giggles, a warm hug, or a friendly “hello,” a saint to help, a hot meal, or cold ice cream. He shows us glorious flowers, dazzling ice-covered trees, or a gorgeous horizon. He blesses us with soul friends, family love, and His devotion.

Creation gives us glimpses of the magnitude of the Lord’s delight in us. His love is displayed through the radiance of a smile, the simplicity of a sparrow fluffing its wings, and the mystery of a caterpillar spinning its cocoon. Every day He pours out reminders of His adoration and the grandeur that awaits us in heaven.

All we need to do is notice them! Open your eyes. Do more than just look—let yourself see!

Let yourself see the wonder of the Lord’s brilliance and the depth of His love. Remind yourself to notice that lone flower, the changing leaves, the warm breeze.

Train yourself to acknowledge the “balloons”!

They will put a bounce in your step as well.

“From the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen being understood through what He has made” (Romans 1:20).

Other things that brighten my days include (read the rest of my list of one thousand [or more] gifts):

  1. The bright “balloons” sent to lift my spirits.

  2. A large pile of wood split and stacked for winter.

  3. Zachary’s willingness to put in long hours of preparation for All-State auditions with his tenor saxophone. So proud of you!

  4. Rachel’s “blown” kisses that I always “catch.”

  5. A surprise stop at Dairy Queen for blizzards.

  6. Zachary’s 16th birthday on October 24—Happy birthday! We love you!

  7. Split pea soup and cornbread (don’t knock it until you try it!)

  8. Books—it doesn’t matter what books as long as they are hardcover, sitting on my (Daniel’s) shelves, and looking impressive.

  9. Students in my Sunday School class.

  10. Sunny days with 50-plus degree temperatures.

How is your list of gratitude coming? What are the things that lift your spirits? Has God ever sent you a bizarre gift that did the trick?

“A voice of greeting from the wind was sent; The mists enfolded me with soft white arms; The birds did sing to lap me in content, The rivers wove their charms,—And every little daisy in the grass Did look up in my face, and smile to see me pass!”—R. H. Stoddard

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2 comments on “Noticing the Balloons (and other gems)
  1. Julie says:

    The thought of Rachel’s kisses makes me smile! You write from a heart of abundance . . .

    Have a lovely weekend,

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