One Thousand (or more) Gifts

Check out this inspiring trailer for the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp.

Although this isn’t my normal “post” day, this message hit me like a ton of bricks, and I felt the need to share it as soon as possible! This is what Rachel has been trying to “tell” me for 13 years—in order to truly live joyfully, we must notice and be thankful for the little things, the millions of tiny gifts of grace God passes out to us throughout our lifetime. Rachel lives this! After 44 years, it is time for me to start living it as well.

I am taking the challenge and beginning my list of one thousand gifts tonight! Won’t you join me?


1. Salvation through Jesus Christ.

2. My sweet girl’s smile.

3. Reading my child(ren) a story in bed.

4. My husband of nearly 22 years.

5. Three amazing boys.

6. A special friend that you can share anything with.

7. The quiet of the night when everyone is finally in bed.

8. A good night’s sleep.

9. A walk in the coolness of early morning.

10. The opportunity to help high school seniors prepare for their future.

11. Stinky little feet that need to be washed—no kidding!

12. A good thesaurus.

As they come to me and I have time, I will post more of the snippets of grace I am thankful for. You will be able to find all of my gifts easily by clicking on the category One Thousand (or more) Gifts.

By His grace ≈


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2 comments on “One Thousand (or more) Gifts
  1. Dawn says:

    So much GRACE! So much GLORY! God challenges us to see through the trials, the pain, the chaos and find Him. He is with us through it all and is so patient with us. This is truly a love like none other, because I do not deserve all the little gifts. Thank you for encouraging me to keep my eyes wide open.

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