There is Reason to Rejoice in Our Children Growing Up

It can be bittersweet for parents as children age and activities fade to memories. Yet God promises good plans for us. So we can rejoice in what will be.

A live version of Sound of Music aired last night. Sadly I missed it, but the tweets I read (Twitter is how I found out it was showing) brought back special memories.Sound-of-Music

You see, Sound of Music is my favorite movie of all times. However, Hubby doesn’t enjoy it so much. So every year, he disappears for a couple nights of training for work.

In years past, the children and I would make the most of those days by eating T.V. dinners (yes, they love them) and snuggling up to watch the Von Trapp’s adventure unfold.

It is a favorite memory of mine.

Losing What Was…

But now my children are older, heading in all directions, and scheduling a family viewing of that wonderful classic is difficult. For the most part, it is a special tradition that has gone by the wayside.

It joins many others: raking leaves into huge piles and jumping in them, carving pumpkins, outside football games, even cutting down the family Christmas tree may not be done as a family anymore.

And my heart aches for the way things were. The nightly cuddles, the indoor obstacle courses when the mercury dipped below zero, the impromptu ice hockey games and annual Winterfest fun, the long board-game days, homemade forts and knights in shining armor.

Yet I am beginning to see the blessing of age.

reflecting, rejoice

Rejoice In What Will Be

And my heart soars for the adventure to come. 

The long, deep conversations with my adult children;

watching their confidence and independence grow;

seeing them follow the dreams God has placed in their hearts;

anticipating the household they will establish;

encouraging them when setbacks occur and cheering their successes;

looking forward to family gatherings and sweet blessings that are currently hidden.

Earlier I couldn’t imagine life beyond my young children, and I didn’t want to. Today I find myself cherishing those memories, cultivating the time I have left, and anticipating the blessings to follow. I am learning to rejoice in what is to come.

I’m reflecting back with sweet joy on God’s abundant gifts yet projecting forward with anticipation for the bountiful blessings He will send.

And those future blessings—they may not look exactly how I imagine, but they will come! He’s promised.

Blessings may not look exactly how we imagine, but they will come. God has promised, and He is ever-faithful! Click To Tweet

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.” (Psalm 90: 12, 14)

Reflection: If you have young children, what is one of your favorite current family activities? If your children are grown or nearing adulthood, what is one of your favorite new family blessings? And if you have no children, I’d love to hear about a favorite memory from your own childhood. 

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4 comments on “There is Reason to Rejoice in Our Children Growing Up
  1. Brenda says:

    It is a blessing to watch our children grow up. We get to see all those years of prayers being answered, I love seeing how God is working in my adult children. Such a blessing.

  2. Holly Solomon Barrett says:

    The best part about having grown children – they grandkids!!!

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