Resetting a Difficult Day

Sometimes life just stinks! No matter how much I want to sugar coat it, that’s just the way it is. Or at least the way it seems to me.

The day may start out fine—the sun peaking above the horizon, illuminating all the dark corners. Then the clouds roll in. Stormy winds pick up and the day doesn’t look so bright anymore. 

We all have those moments. The times of discouragement and frustration, sadness and despondency. It’s not that something horrible happened. It’s just that our emotions are a bit off kilter. The weight of each day is bearing down with a new heaviness. 

No matter how much we scold ourselves—assuring our minds that we are blessed—our hearts still ache; tears still slip silently down our cheeks. 

And for me, it’s time to write. To put pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard. It’s time to pour out my heartache to perhaps everyone and maybe no one. To solve no problem at all, but all the same, make things just a little brighter. 

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I never realized the power of writing as emotional therapy until I began journaling nearly a decade ago. It’s a freeing exercise. No pretending. No reason to cover up. 

In my writing I often pray, dumping out my deepest soul desires: praising, questioning, informing, exploring. Cleansing the accumulation of lies built up by a culture of “happiness.” 

Penning words doesn’t change what’s going on. My circumstances may still stink. My pain might be as real as before. But pouring out my heart cry emotionally charges me and often gives me a new perspective on the same situation. 

Yep, some days exude a horrible stench. And, although my spirit knows the hope of the Lord, my flesh still weeps. 

But there are ways to reset a difficult day. And so I write. 

Writing out prayers, concerns, and thoughts helps reset a difficult day. How do you gain perspective on hard days? Click To Tweet

“Weeping may spend the night, but there is joy in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5b)

Reflections: Going to the Lord with your burdens is obviously a first step for Christians. But how do you reset your stinky day for the fleshy part of you that still hurts? 

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8 comments on “Resetting a Difficult Day
  1. Leslie Armstrong Mills says:

    “It’s time to pour out my heartache to perhaps everyone and maybe no one. To solve no problem at all, but all the same, make things just a little brighter. ”

    Love this and know the feeling well!

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Thanks, Leslie! I truly believe we can know the truth of God’s presence and love and goodness, yet in our flesh struggle with experiencing His joy in a particular moment. He has provided ways for each of us to express that discontent and heartache and in doing so, lighten our heart a little. The trick is to find that/those outlet(s).

  2. Holly Solomon Barrett says:

    Love this verse! Yay for joy in the morning! Great post, Julie.

  3. Tom Blubaugh says:

    I understand, Julie. I have a large stack of books containing my journaling. The only way I can release my deepest feelings and prayers is through writing.

  4. Whoa! I was going to write a similar post titled, “Reformat My Day.” We’ve got a party-line with God! ha ha (Do you even know what a party-line is? Dating myself, again.)

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