You Are Seen and You Are Needed (pass it on)

Although she assured me she liked it in the home in which she now resided, I could see it. I saw it in the way tears welled up as we visited. I saw it in her far away look as she talked about the past.

This dear old friend grieved the passing of the years. She missed the house she called home for so long. She missed attending church. She missed hanging with family and friends. She missed her independence.

During the decades that defined her life, my friend’s time and talents were appreciated. Others needed her. They needed what she had to offer. 

Now my friend has lots of time on her hands. She rarely leaves her building and only sees those who seek her out. Yet, I never want her to forget that she is needed, desperately needed. Her life has meaning, even as an older lady living in a nursing home. 

I never want any of us to forget that as long as we have breath, we have purpose. 

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You Are Needed in the World

Best-selling Author and Proverbs 31 Ministries President Lysa Terkeurst recently did a video interview with an artist. They spoke about how each of us has a unique brand of beautiful. They encouraged each of us to discover our own brand and share it with the world. 

Lysa’s right on, in that we all have something to contribute. We are all uniquely created to contribute to God’s plan.

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I don’t know where we ever got the idea that a human being is expendable or unnecessary. It’s such a silly notion.

Why would God breathe life into someone if she didn’t matter?

Why would He keep her in this messed up world if He didn’t have a purpose for her?

Often, as women, we thrive on feeling needed. When health issues, age, or some other circumstance prevent us from being active and helpful, we can feel lost and worthless. 

Walk In Your Good Works

Yet God assures us, “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

Each of us are created “for good works,” and we need to “walk in them.” 

Those things God prepared us to do don’t end when we develop health issues or grow old. They merely look a little different: reflecting a new version of our good work. 

As I bade my friend good-bye, she promised to pray for me during this super busy season I’m in. Prayer comprises much of the good works she is now doing: the unique brand of beautiful she offers to the world. And it’s exactly what I needed.

Women (men and children too), hear this message. God created you with a purpose. Your life has meaning, right up until you take your last breath.

God created you with a purpose. Your life has meaning, right up until you take your last breath. Click To Tweet

Don’t believe Satan’s lie. Don’t let your sister believe his lie. 

Make sure she knows that she brings a unique set of good works to a needy world. Encourage her to walk in them today. 

Reflections: What are the good works God has prepared for you in this season? Who needs to be on the receiving end of them?

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