Thanks Given in the Smaller Steps

With Thanksgiving comes a frenzy of activity. Not that life isn’t crazy busy before that, but the day set aside to give thanks ushers in a new level of frantic. At least it does for me. Thanks Giving Tree

This year like so many in the past, I made the decision to slow down a little. To step back and just enjoy each day. Take a walk. Sit and sip Chai tea. Make time for friends. Play with my children.

I decided I’d be calm, cool, and collected: no snapping at family, no anxiety, no late nights with little sleep just to “finish this one little thing.” This would be a different year of holidays. One where I plan wonderful little traditions and everyone loves them. One where the house is clean; food is scrumptious, traditional, and easy to prepare; and our focus fixes on God and remains there.

Then came the writing … and the shopping … and the candymaking, and time zipped by.

My house remained a mess, hair cuts were long overdue, and leftovers were on the menu yet again. And of course, I snapped. It could be easy to think I failed again.

But when I take a closer look, I find I may have taken one step back, but I’ve gone forward two. In other words, I’m moving in the right direction.

Where did we ever get this notion that if we don’t improve 100 percent in an area of change, we completely failed ? Where is the grace? giving thanks

helping rach

hanging verses

I may not have succeeded in meeting my goals, but with God’s help I made progress. There is much to be grateful for in those smaller steps.

♥  I am thankful that this year we put together a Thanks Giving Tree and used it to focus on the blessing of each family member.

♥  I am thankful that I made time to throw the football with my youngest almost every afternoon, stayed up late to play cribbage with my second oldest, and texted words of encouragement and worth to my oldest.

♥  I am thankful that  my daughter and I snuggled on her bed many nights to read the adventures of Stinky and Spud (Cheesy Mouse Tales by ).

♥  I am thankful that I sent cards to celebrate special times in loved one’s lives.

♥  I am thankful for the Scripture verses I scrawled on white boards and the prayers I sent heavenward.

♥  I am thankful for the little things I am doing that are yielding good fruit in the lives of my family and in the lives of others.

No, I’m not satisfied with the busyness I’ve fallen into again this year.  

But I am thankful for God’s mercy when I fail and His grace to redeem those failures. 

I am thankful for God's mercy when I fail and His grace to redeem those failures. Click To Tweet

“I know that my Redeemer lives” (Job 19:25).

Praying you find much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

Share in the Discussion: What small steps are you thankful for? 

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  1. Hmmm…. and it’s all about how He redeems, isn’t it? Love the photos of your thanksgiving tree!

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