The Flipside of Giving a Blessing (and more)

Doing something nice for another isn’t a blessing only to the recipient.

Something wasn’t right that morning. I’m not even sure what it was, but my mind was stuck on grumbling, about something, about everything. I could feel my day going south, quickly. (Ever have one of those days?)

Anxiety, anger, and sadness threatened to take control.

Determined to change my thinking but unable to shake the cutting, depressing words rattling around in my brain, I asked for God’s help.

His direction dripped simplicity.

Bless others.

The idea intrigued me. I had nothing to lose but a little time.

But how was I to do it? I live in a state park where neighbors aren’t plentiful and it wasn’t my day to drive into town.

Still the idea persisted.

Bless others.

Then it dawned on me! Why not reach out and share a blessing through technology?

Power of a Blessing

I’ve only had texting capabilities for a few short months, but several days prior, I had sent a quick text message to my two high school boys to encourage them in their day. I think it had the desired effect although the younger one did express a little confusion about my intent.

After some thought and prayer, I decided to text many of the people in my phone contact list a simple message of blessing for the week.

An amazing thing happened before I even began the task: My mind slipped from my worries and frustrations to those of others, and the grumbling ceased.

As I clicked on contact after contact, compassion and thoughts for others crowded out my pity party.

Within minutes, my entire outlook for the day flipped 180 degrees.

As the morning crept on, I began to receive texts and even calls in response. Some just a simple thank you, others expressing confusion over who sent it, and still others saying it was just the encouragement they needed, delivered at the right moment.

God knew exactly what I needed to get out of my funk! It wasn’t to have my problems solved. I just needed a new outlook, a different focus for my day.

That morning God reminded me of the power of taking my eyes off myself and directing their gaze on others—the flip side of giving a blessing!

There's power in taking our focus off own problems and desires and placing it on others. It's the flip side of giving a blessing! Click To Tweet

Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you (1 Corinthians 13:11).

Here are more blessings to note as I continue toward compiling a list of One Thousand (or more) Gifts:

146. The blessing of giving a blessing to others

147. The word “farkle”

148. Enjoying 3 days with Ben and Samantha (10-year-old nephew and 8-year-old niece)—so fun!

149. Taking pictures of my 5-year-old nephew and seeing his older brother who lives States away

first snow on cranberries

150. The first snow of the season—beautiful!

151. A warm fire in the wood stove

152. Freshly made apple sauce

153. Dried black olives rattling around in the can (don’t ask—but they did make me smile!)

154. Settled warmly on the couch with candles lit and family around on a chilly evening

155. Homemade apple butter

156. Cal’s 5-year birthday party (can he be that old already?), especially spending it with family

157. Rachel’s huge progress in overcoming sensory issues

158. Watching my children play with their cousins

159. Finished canning for the year!

160. Successful barn party—lovely day, lovely friends

161. All the military men and women who sacrificially serve(d) this country. God bless you! You are not forgotten!

162. The incredibly radical, life-changing hope that is found in Christ!

We are all born to be a blessing.—Rachel Naomi Remen

By His grace ≈


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