Three Things To Do When You’re in the Dumps for No Good Reason

There are days when my life is going well. Nothing is really off kilter. The kids are healthy. Only minor things are broken (like the clothes dryer). Yet I’m in the dumps. 

There is no reason for my doldrums. I should be grateful, and I am, but I don’t feel it.

Anyone with me on this? 

So I beat myself up, chew myself out, chastise the ungrateful whelp I am. 

And maybe I need to. But truly, it doesn’t do much good. I already feel miserable enough. 


In the Dumps

So what can be done to break out of the blues? 

I could ask for God’s help (always the first thing to do in and before every situation).

I could get in the Word (yep, excellent choice).

I could call a friend (might help).

I could watch a movie (usually just wears me out). 

I could find some quiet space to just be (that could provide some much-needed rest). 

All of these are legitimate choices, and the first two should be incorporated for sure.

But honestly, sometimes none of the above does much good. 

Some days will just be bummer days. And the most helpful thing may be to accept it will happen. [←Tweet this.]

So here’s my best advice for just getting through such a day: 

  1. Keep moving (or get moving). A walk with my head down is usually better than no walk at all. And, if nothing else, at least I’m getting some exercise.
  2. Cut yourself some slack and recognize that you are not perfect like Jesus. The blues will come even though we are blessed far more than we know or deserve. 
  3. Just get through the day—tomorrow is a new day with new gifts and new mercies. Put one foot in front of the other and make it to the end of the day. Then you can throw yourself under the covers and put the doldrums behind you. It’s a rare occurrence when I don’t awaken with a much better attitude.

It’s a promise: God’s mercies are new every day. But some days we just need to get to the next one to appreciate the current mercies we are given. [←Tweet this.]

So, my friend, go ahead and be bummed if it’s one of those days. But come back strong tomorrow and embrace its gift of God’s unending grace.

“Because of the Lord’s faithful love
we do not perish,
for His mercies never end.
They are new every morning;
great is Your faithfulness!” Lamentations 3:22-23

Reflection: Do you have any other tips for changing the color of a blue day? 

Although a bit late, I’m once again linking up with Ann Voskamp’s 2014 Joy Dare. Find the linkup at A Holy Experience. Beginning where I left off in 2013. What a blessing! #2966–2986, read the entire list by clicking here.

  • Hosting friends whom we seldom see for supper; Watching a fawn frolic outside our window; Safety from the storms;
  • Joey’s words after a walk with Rach: “I love how she enjoys the simple things.”–such a perceptive young man; More friend time; Deer gathering under apple trees
  • Tennis with Danny and Joey; Kitten “stalking” a deer; Our evening resident deer herd
  •  Afternoon of canoeing and fishing with dear out-of-state friends; Evening campfire with more out-of-town friends; Deep peace being on the water brings to me
  • Enjoying evening around the fire with friends and family; Joey’s fun with some fireworks; Being a citizen of the United States
  • Sipping Chai tea and welcoming the morning at our barn sanctuary; A mostly lazy day with a bit of weeding thrown in; Ending the day watching Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with the kiddos
  • Fabulous day with all the kids: first a picnic, then checked out Cedar Rock State Park and finally ending with ice cream!; Sermon on soul-rest in Jesus–need to hear that over and over; Amazing evening sky

 and new whimsical wed

By His grace ≈


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9 comments on “Three Things To Do When You’re in the Dumps for No Good Reason
  1. Great thoughts Julie. I have also found it is good to recognize the signs early on that I am entering into the “dumps” and make sure I don not wallow in those emotions. I also have be tenacious to keep my focus on the bigger picture of my life. Yeah I will screw stuff up and stuff does happen that will be bring me down but I am moving on.

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Thanks for your insight, Jon. Often I can’t identify why I have the blues. It just is. But remembering each day holds fresh mercies and gifts helps me focus on grace and not condemnation.

  2. Mary Burrell says:

    I admit when i am feeling bad to the Lord and i pray and try to meditate in the word. And going for a walk.

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Prayer is always first and foremost and throughout, but sometimes I just can’t shake the blues. The next day always dawns brighter because of the Lord’s faithfulness.

  3. Mary Burrell says:

    Pray and pray some more.

  4. Mary Humphrey says:

    I totally get this. Thank goodness these “in a funk” days do not happen often.

    I pray. I ask God to show me the way if there is something I am not seeing, and then I wait it out.

    Sometimes He has a mission. Sometimes we are just tired, and rest is what we need.

    Isn’t it beautiful how we normally bounce back full of life and energy, nearly bursting out of the seams soon afterwards? Our God is such a loving God.

    • Julie Sunne says:

      I agree, Mary. I think the days following seem richer in many ways. I do think many of my funk days are due to lack of rest. Thus, the feeling better after a good night’s sleep.

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