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Two Little Words to Utter as You Grow Weary

Sometimes weariness builds over a long day or string of days. Sometimes weariness hits quickly, coming unexpectedly. 

The only thing certain is that it will come.


We All Grow Weary

We will all have moments we aren’t certain we can get through. Hours or days or months that drag us down like a ton of bricks.

Why? Because we all walk this world of brokenness, in bodies destined to return to dust. And we all hold something or someone dear. And that something or someone will let us down, tear us apart, break, or disappear.  

An elderly parent in need of care. The death of a loved one. A child with disabilities. The loss of a job. A fire-razed home. A scary diagnosis. A hurting teen. 

No one has a monopoly on suffering. We all face (or will face) something we’d rather not. 

And it can zap every ounce of strength we have. 

Two Little Words of Strength

Not long ago, I was there … again.  

I was more than a little wore out raising a daughter who will always be a “little girl.” Weary of endless days of pull-ups, bathing and dressing her, and “considering” her future. 

It’s not easy, this journey we’re called to walk. 

But as I looked deep into the sparkling eyes of my trusting, brown-eyed beauty and uttered the words I’ve said many times through the years, “Help, Lord,” I felt a strength that was absent just a few seconds before. 

I knew a deep assurance that I could do this. Not on my own, but I could carry this heavy load by the endless reservoir of God.

Help, Lord! It’s not magic; it’s Divine. It’s all about where one chooses to focus.

Get hypnotized by your circumstances and know discouragement and weariness; turn your gaze to the Lord and know His power.

Focus on your circumstances & know discouragement & weariness; turn your gaze to God & know His power. Click To Tweet

I don’t know what load is yours to bear, but God is the answer to carrying it. Our heartache, our pain, our loss, our dreams. He’s our strength when we are weak. He offers us shade when we are scorched and leads us to a fountain in the middle of the desert.

The Father bids us, “Come!” and then carries us when we can’t take one more step.

The Father bids us, 'Come!' and then carries us when we can't take one more step. Click To Tweet

So my weary friend, don’t isolate yourself in the desert. Don’t try to travel this rocky road alone. 

Utter those two little words that make all the difference. Help, Lord!

Refocus on the Lord. Open your heart to receive His well-spring of bountiful strength.

Let God renew and refresh your parched soul. 

Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Reflection: Are you finding yourself growing weary as you become hypnotized by your circumstances? Do you need to tear your gaze away from your troubles and refocus on the source of endless strength? 

Since beginning more than 3 years ago, I’ve counted more than 3,000 gifts in Ann Voskamp’s Joy Dare! What a blessing! So here we go: #3240–3260, read the entire list by clicking here.

  • Wonderfully sweet anniversary gift from 2 special people bring back memories of that fateful proposal day; Ending the day with a sparkling, clean kitchen sink; Tan pine-needle carpeting spread under a tree
  • God’s grace in providing for our marriage; Sounds of the waking woodland; Homemade sea-salt caramel dip–so many yummy uses!
  • Fun of watching an empty garbage bag outside on a windy day–thanks for pointing that out to me Rach; Fuzzy caterpiller crossing the road; Realizing our two older boys are not only brothers, but they are friends as well
  • Sharing a few fun moments with dear friends who dropped in; Watching Joey play nearly the entire game of the sport he loves; Remembering the life of a sweet girl gone too soon who brought a smile to all who knew her 
  • “Attending” Zach’s college vocal concert via livestream; Evening alone with my daughter; Smiling faces as Rach says hi and waves to everyone in the campground on her bike ride 
  • Cheering Rach on in Special Olympics bowling; Washing the outside of the windows; Wandering aimlessly in the late afternoon sun
  • Wonderful 50th Anniversary service and celebration for our church–blessed to have found it more than 17 years ago; Joey’s excitement at shooting his first buck; Surprise visit from Dave’s sister and her hubby–much laughter

By His grace ≈


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