We Were Meant To Take Risks

One of my daughter Rachel’s favorite words is “home.” She repeats it over and over whenever she thinks we are planning an outing—insisting she must remain home.

Apparently, she doesn’t like taking risks. If it were up to Rach, she’d play it safe. Not going anywhere, except maybe church. 

anchored ship

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Harsh and Scary World

At times, I feel the same way. It can be a harsh, scary world out there.

Sometimes I just want to hide away, letting the world rotate without me. I want to protect myself from the barbs of hurtful tongues; the condemnation of foolish souls; and the pain of love gone wrong. 

Yet, through isolation much is lost. Companionship is stiff and orchestrated, not spontaneous and fresh. Outreach is forced, over-planned, and limited to our perception of a need, instead of met head on. Love is contained and stale, not real and deep. 

Remaining in the familiar and comfortable is appealing. However, hiding away—protecting self—seldom results in progress, growth, or the fulfillment of the abundant, grace-filled life we’ve been promised through Jesus (Romans 5:17).

The life of the protected, withdrawn soul is safe and secure yet grows parched and thirsty for connection, meaning and purpose. 

“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.”― William G.T. Shedd

Meant to Take Risks and Share Christ’s Love

A person may be safe in a sequestered life, but that’s not what human beings are for. 

A person may be safe in a sequestered life, but that's not what human beings are for. Click To Tweet

  • Our hearts were meant to be broken for the plight of the poor and oppressed.
  • Our hands were meant to comfort—to open wide and receive the hurting and sad.
  • Our feet were meant to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.
  • Our souls were meant to be filled with Jesus’ overflowing love so that we can pour out such love to others—not in a small stream, but in a gushing torrent. 

Our souls were meant to be filled with Jesus' overflowing love so that we can pour out such love to others Click To Tweet

To do that, requires risk. 

Yet a life lived in the stretching and shaping of taking risks and sharing love is a rich and rewarding life. 

A life lived in the stretching and shaping of taking risks and sharing Christ's love is a rich, rewarding life. Click To Tweet

I am helping Rachel learn this, and she, in turn, is teaching me.

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7).

Reflections: How are you living out a life of love and risk? What have been the rewards?

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  • Dazzling display of God’s majesty & power in today’s downpour/hail; Playing “peak-a-boo” w/ squirrel; Wearing shorts outside
  • Stroll in the warm spring air during work break; High school spring music concert; Breaking out baseball gloves & ball
  • An hour squeezed in with a special friend; Playing tennis; Ending the night laughing w/ my 17 year old
  • Making homemade bread; Crazy antics during a family game of Twister; Clean living room
  • Sharing “mothering” stories while serving at school event; Delicious homemade pizza crust; Some teens just make me smile
  • Fishing balloons out of the river w/ my boys; Gift of guiding my children; The lessons learned by serving my family
  • 1st badminton games of the year; Resurrection of our evening reading-out-loud tradition; Return of the wren to nest

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6 comments on “We Were Meant To Take Risks
  1. Dear Julie, I needed this reminder today. Yes, we need HIs company to be able to hear HIs voice guiding us towards love, towards the people He brings for us to love this day. Thank you so much.

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Company is indeed important, Jennifer–the Lord’s and other humans. The fear of broken relationships or some other hurt can keep us from loving others. But what a shame that is. What a loss we experience when we isolate and insulate ourselves.

  2. Linda Tang says:

    I love this, Julie! Right now, I am praying for guidance as we work through a decision relative to my daughter…taking a risk in my life is one thing, quite another in the life of my child! I know we take everything to God and He does provide, lead and guide….this one is just a little more difficult to step out on. Thank you for the encouraging words today and for this topic!

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Oh, Linda, I’m so sorry your daughter is involved. It is indeed more difficult when decisions must be made concerning our children. Although I don’t know your circumstances, I will be praying for the Lord’s guidance and a sense of peace and direction for you. He is indeed faithful!

  3. Lauren Salle says:

    AMEN !! God reminds me of this time and time again, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Loving people means making yourself vulnerable, and my heart has been battered and bruised more times than I can count. It’s tempting to just hide away and commit to protecting myself, but that’s not the point. My heart was meant to be shared, and God will keep mending it as long as I let him 🙂 thanks for the reminder, beautiful words <3

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Lauren, you obviously know the truth of God’s providence and live it out in your life, despite the potential pain of taking risks. As God mends you, He strengthens, stretches and grows you into a closer reflection of Him. What a glorious transformation! Blessings to you as you continue risking and loving.

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