What It Really Takes To Be Brave (and free Scripture printables)

My boss knew with one look: something was wrong. As a teen I nearly always sported an upbeat attitude, so he noticed my dark mood immediately. 

I didn’t try to hide it, but openly admitted the problem I had. Sharing somehow made it all less painful. 

Jump forward a decade and even two and notice the difference. Sharing no longer comes so easily for me.

My default is to keep problems to myself and handle them on my own. Unfortunately, this isn’t my default alone. It seems to be the cultural norm.

The Brave

We think it’s brave to put on a good face. To never let anyone past the pasted-on smile.

We don’t want to admit things are less-than-ideal. We pretend to handle the misbehavior, the piles of laundry, the crusty dishes with a smile.

Even in the church, we answer the age-old question of “How are you?” with “Just fine, thanks!,” when inside we’re really dying. 

But maybe the brave are those who answer, “Not so well, really.” Perhaps the courageous let the tears slip down their face in the presence of sisters.

The valiant may be the ones who realize how weak they really are and in Whom their strength lies. And are willing to share it. 

Being brave isn’t hiding your weakness, but sharing it.

Being brave is letting others see it’s okay to lack the fortitude to go it alone.

Being brave is being genuine and open about our lack; thus, encouraging one another to seek the only One who is enough.

Being brave is being genuine & open about our lack; encouraging each other to seek the only One who is enough. Click To Tweet

True courage is letting go of the pretense of our strength and resting in the guaranteed strength of the Lord. 

Throughout Scripture, the Lord encourages us to be brave. Not to have courage because we are adequate, but because He is more than enough.

The Lord encourages us to be brave. Not because we are adequate, but because He is more than enough. Click To Tweet

May you be encouraged to be brave and share your true heart as you rest in the freedom of the Lord’s strength.

Feel free to download these printables of four of my favorite courage Scriptures for your own use (just click on the image). Use them yourself and share them with others needing a shot of bravery. 

Be Brave In the Lord-lighter-

Be Brave In the Lord-orangehue-

Reflection: Is it difficult for you to share the real you? Meditate on these verses and take courage in the Lord’s strength. 

I’m once again linking up with Ann Voskamp’s 2014 Joy Dare. Find the linkup at A Holy Experience. Beginning where I left off in 2013. And I’ve counted over 3,000 gifts!! What a blessing! #3008–3028, read the entire list by clicking here.
  • Sleeping in a tent with my niece Samantha–Rach opted out; Raucous game of football keepaway with the guys; Hanging out clothes in the dark–peaceful
  • Baking frenzy with my niece –including a quadruple berry pie; My prairie garden blooming lovely; Cousins having fun
  • Lovely scent given off by my rose bush blossoms; Unusual line of “floating” mist in the evening sky; Sister encouragement 
  • Afternoon of canoeing/kayaking/sandbar play; Helping nephew Ben tip son Joey out of the innertube; Rach’s enjoyment of canoeing/kayaking 
  • Gentle breezes for drying clothes; Playing at the swimming pool for niece and nephew’s last day with us, even Daniel was there, but working; Ending the day watching the second Hobbit movie
  • Long bike ride with Joey that left me delightfully exhausted; Snuggling with Rach in bed reading books; Sam’s Club samples–yes
  • Taking an afternoon break to fish; Pizza, rootbeer floats, fellowship, and learning more about Jesus–hard-to-beat combo!; Zach playing “Lori” with Rach 


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