Why We Don’t Need All the Answers

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Storms gather and we’re left to wonder how to cope. How to survive the fierce winds and driving rains. How to make sense of the turmoil, the pain, the aftermath.


Death of the innocent.

Isolation of the chronically ill and elderly. 

Financial setbacks.

Marital difficulties.

Car crashes. 

A loved one wasting away from cancer.

A 14 year old not yet toilet-trained and unable to say “I love you.”

Children struggling to learn. 

Onslaught of devastating tornadoes and hurricanes.

Deadly fires.

As a Christian making sense of the senseless seems a duty. I feel I should have an answer to why bad things happen.

I should have the right words to comfort. I should be able to handle my own storms better. 

What Christians Do Know

This expectation weighs heavy. But it doesn’t need to. 

It’s true, I don’t understand the nature of physical storms. How they begin. Where they generate their energy. 

However, I do have an interesting bit of knowledge. I know that in a storm’s eye (its center) is its calmest place. The storm can be raging all around, yet calmness pervades in the eye. 

And I know that in every life storm there is also an Eye of Peace.

In every life storm there is also an Eye of Peace, a calm place to rest: Jesus. Share on X 

It’s true, I don’t have the answers for the mama holding her dead child. I can’t make sense of why disease ravages some and ignores others. I can’t begin to understand the recurring pain of infertility, the heartache of divorce, the oppression of living in poverty.

Point the Way to the Eye of Every Storm

But I do have something to offer. So do you, my Christian friends. We know where the eye of every storm is.

We know where peace and calm can be found when the storms of life hit. Jesus tells us. 

“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28).

What if we don’t need to make sense of all the trials of life?

What if we don’t need to provide answers to all the why questions?

What if we don’t even need to handle our own storms perfectly? 

As Christians, it is enough to simply know where to find rest in the storms. It is enough to point the grieving, frustrated, and confused to the eye of the storm, to the source of peace and calm.

When clouds gather and fierce winds blow, it is enough to point to Jesus Christ.

When fierce winds blow, we don't need all the answers. It's enough to point to Jesus Christ. Share on X

Because the Lord Jesus Christ is enough! 

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

Reflections: Have you felt the pressure to provide answers during difficult times? If so, how do you handle that guilt/pressure?

I’m excited and honored to be guest posting at (in)courage tomorrow. I’d love to have you stop by! 

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May the posts and pages on this site offer you a measure of peace and encouragement.

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