Always Welcomed by One

Early in our marriage, we moved often. Generally before two years were up, we were off to another location. I greeted these moves with a level of excitement but also trepidation: Friends were left behind. Everything familiar left for the unknown.path

But worse, I wasn’t sure how we’d be received in the new place. Who would be there to welcome us? Would we be greeted warmly or would we be considered invaders.

More recently, I experience similar feelings (only perhaps more acutely) as I begin an adventure of writing and speaking. How will my words be received? Horror movies  loop through my mind as I imagine being laughed off the stage or berated for a stance I took.

So, it is with great relief that I read the following words in Genesis:

“Look I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go” (29:15).

Did you catch that “everywhere”?

We can rest in the familiar even when we’re in a strange land because the Lord is with us. Can it get any better?

It does. God promises to be with us when we change locations, sure. But God also promises to go with us when we obediently tread in new territory in our vocations or relationships.

I can step onto a stage with confidence because He is right there beside me. I can write the next post knowing He is cheering me on.

Entering the unfamiliar is how we grow. Isn’t it comforting to know there is always One who will be there to welcome us?

Share in the Discussion: Is there unknown territory you are hesitant to enter but feel God’s nudge to go there? How has God shown up in your unfamiliar in the past?

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