Evidence of God’s Love in a World Desperately Needing It

Gold Brush Stroke

As I sorted through pictures for various high school graduation events for our son Zachary, I was struck by the evidence of the Lord’s love through the years. 

Life hasn’t always been easy, but it has been lavished with God’s grace. Photographs are a wonderful way to trace His fingerprints. They give us a glimpse into His majesty, love, mercy, faithfulness…


Tracing God’s Love

In the shadow of the tragedies we continue to experience and hear about, it is easy to lose sight of God’s love. We “know” His love is never ending, but sometimes a reminder of that is needed. 

I pray you are blessed by this pictorial snippet of God’s love poured out in my life. Perhaps you will be moved to do your own tracing with photos or in words.

Danny health concerns e1398876758175

Motherhood didn’t begin as I expected, and although I didn’t always feel His presence in those early years, I can now look back and see how He walked us through those difficult years of baby health concerns.

sibling love

His love is ever reflected in the love of siblings.

Rach with cane

His blessings are always apparent in this girl who is rarely without a smile. Here she is learning to walk at age 4. 

Precious with Zach

Antics of critters like kittens have added laughter and sweetness to many days and softened big guy hearts. 


His gift of music teaches discipline and brings joy to our home.

hues of nature
When I am weary the brilliant hues of God’s canvas lift my spirits. 
light in the storm
His beauty is evident even in the harshness of winter. 
bee with flower-
He allows us glimpses into the intricate balance of life that could only be orchestrated in His divine nature. 
Confirmed in Christ! No more needs to be said. 
Instead of leaving them drab, He dips our days in bright colors and rich textures.

Our family is saved and redeemed through His amazing grace. So is yours.

In being grateful recipients and eager tracers of God’s love, we can minister His grace to a hurting world. 

In being grateful recipients & tracers of God's love, we minister His grace to a hurting world. Share on X

And that’s a blessing none of us can Live without. 

“I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10)
Reflection: Do you (would you) prefer to trace God’s love in your life in the form of pictures or words (such as journaling) or perhaps a combination? I’ll go first: I love pictures and the powerful meanings they convey but most often use words because of time constraints, especially in the form of my daily Joy Dare where I identify 3 gifts I’m grateful for. Now what about you?
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  1. Marisa Shadrick on May 1, 2014 at 10:41 am

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family and reminding us of His tender mercies.

    • Julie Sunne on May 1, 2014 at 12:01 pm

      My pleasure, Marisa. They remind me daily of His love and mercy.

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