Grow to Trust God Even More

God’s ways are often a mystery, but we can always trust they’re for our best. 

God's ways are often a mystery, but we can always trust they're for our best. Click To Tweet

The Lord has filled the Bible with truth and instruction, insight and encouragement. It guides, convicts, informs, directs, exposes, empowers, saves…. It endures forever. 

Each morning I spend reading these inspired words of God. But I’m often amazed at the revelation I receive while listening to a familiar passage on Bible Gateway instead of merely reading it. 

Last week while jogging, the account from Numbers 20 captured my attention. Moses and Aaron, angry at the people who continually questioned and doubted their leadership, struck a rock to bring water instead of speaking to it as the Lord had instructed. As a result, God sentenced them to die without entering the Promised Land.

Later in that same chapter, God directed Moses to take Aaron and his son, Eleazar, to the top of Mount Hor. Then Moses was to remove Aaron’s garments and place them on Eleazar. After that Aaron would be gathered to his people and die there.

The Bible says, “So Moses did as the LORD commanded, and they climbed Mount Hor in the sight of the whole community. After Moses removed Aaron’s garments and put them on his son Eleazar, Aaron died there on top of the mountain (Numbers 20:27-28).”

trust God

The Path to Complete Obedience

Aaron died.

It was a devastating loss for Moses, Eleazar, and the Israelites. Yet what stuck in my mind and my heart was how Moses took it all.

Moses absorbed all of this loss with no recorded words of protest! Did you catch that? 

No “buts,” no “have you thought of this instead, Lord?” Complete and utter obedience, no questions asked! Like Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac (Genesis 22).

That totally amazes me! That absolutely convicts me!

Unswerving loyalty and trust in the Lord. Willing to lay it all at His feet at His request. No questions, no protests.

Unfortunately, these phrases don’t describe me … yet.

But they do raise a question that begs an answer. How does one get to such a place with their faith?

I venture that it comes through walking with God in the lesser moments. Experiencing His faithfulness in the in-between times.

My Bible tags Abraham and Moses as Heroes of Faith (Hebrews 11), but they had to grow into such a title. Unquestioning obedience didn’t come naturally.

Both patriarchs had to learn to trust God in those most difficult requests. (Read Bible passages such as Genesis 16, Genesis 20, Exodus 3 and 4 to get an idea of their stumbling.)

Learn to Trust God

As much as I desire to glorify God with my complete loyalty, I still find myself falling short of meeting the Heroes of Faith mark in certain areas. 

I’m receiving His faithfulness daily, but sometimes I fail to walk confidently in it. I’m still a work in progress, and if you’re still walking on earth, I suspect you are too. 

Moses’ and Abraham’s faith grew to “hero” proportions thanks to God’s amazing grace. Only after experiencing His mercy and faithfulness throughout their lifetime could they lay themselves totally at the Lord’s disposal.

I am learning to trust God for each breath I take and direction I step, albeit slowly. It’s His love and mercy poured out on me on a regular basis that is winning out over my fear and trepidation.

The Lord has not only proven faithful in the past … He is not only faithful to see me through now … But He will be faithful to bolster me when even sharper pain strikes. 

That’s a promise I am learning to step into with greater certainty.

You can too! When you’re tempted to question God, pause and reflect on His past faithfulness. Then step into that faith as you trust Him to secure your path once again! 

Join me, as we learn to trust God and walk confidently ahead, believing Him to be trustworthy in our future as He is in our present and has been in our past. 

Learn to walk confidently ahead, believing God to be faithful in your future as He is now and has been in your past Click To Tweet

Father, help me to grow a faith of unswerving loyalty and devotion to You—complete trust, without question, in whatever You ask of me. Something only possible in the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord!

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

Reflections: In which area(s) do you struggle to trust God the most? What has grown your faith the most? 

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By His grace ≈


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6 comments on “Grow to Trust God Even More
  1. Betsy Cruz says:

    Last year, I also listened to Numbers through Bible Gateway! It made it seem so much more real to me when I listened. Thanks for this new insight. That had NEVER occurred to me. This helps me as I wrestle to let go of some things this week. 🙂

  2. Sarah Geringer says:

    Hi Julie! I didn’t know the listening option is available on Bible Gateway. Thanks for sharing this! I agree, trusting in God’s faithfulness is the key to moving forward. Blessings to you!

    • Julie Sunne says:

      I kind of stumbled on it, Sarah, but it’s certainly been a blessing. I’m amazed at the insight I gain from listening. And it gives me an added incentive to exercise, because although I spend time reading the Word every day, I only allow myself to listen when I’m jogging.

  3. Kristine Brown MTY says:

    Julie, I love this! I’m so glad I read it this morning:) Isn’t it awesome how God knows exactly what we need to hear? And He works through our friends to encourage us? When I read this, I hate to admit it, but I pictured myself getting frustrated with people and striking out at that rock. I don’t know if Moses and Aaron were frustrated at the Israelites, but sometimes my patience wears thin and I don’t react the way I should:( Trust and obey. That’s my motto today! Thanks friend!

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