She Harbors Untold Treasure in Her Twilight Years

In the twilight of her years, how often does she wonder what she has to offer? How often does she think she’s done little and now has even less to give? 


Twilight Years Hold Great Treasure

When she tells you she’s over the hill, don’t you believe it for a minute! She harbors untold treasure. It shines bright in the depth of her eyes. It’s in her soft answer. It’s in her unruffled assurance of the hope that lies ahead.

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom radiate from her wizened face. She is the one to pass it on. She is the one to assure us there is more than just what we can see with our blinded eyes.

She sees a truth that we who bend from the burden of scrambling from task to task gaze right past. She is the one who knows nothing can drag us down when we know the One who lifts us up.

Nothing can drag us down when we know the One who lifts us up. Click To Tweet


Who says those who are in the Home stretch have nothing left to give?

Molded To Be More Like Christ

It’s often in the twilight years where we breathe deep of the glory to come. It’s then we understand just a bit more of how the race should be run and how to finish strong.

We finally realize where are priorities should be … what life should look like.

It's often in the twilight years when we finally realize where are priorities should be/what life should look like. Click To Tweet


It’s that dear aged one the rest of us need to look to. Her beauty runs glory deep, beyond the wrinkles. She is the one to offer guidance in soft words, encouragement when it all becomes too much, and admonishment when pride rears strong. 

The one with the tired body, slower gait, and wise eyes. She’s the one for the younger women to look to.  

She has run the race set before her. She has persevered. 

She is my hero.

Older women should be looked to for guidance. For she's been molded to have a heart and mind most like Christ. Click To Tweet

“Wisdom is with the aged,
    and understanding in length of days.” (Job 12:12)

Reflection: Who is encouraging/has encouraged you to run the race well? To who can you offer similar encouragement? 

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