Because Sometimes Freedom Isn’t Found Where We Expect It

Dressing and undressing are not tasks that come easy to my 15-year-old daughter. But there are lessons to be learned in any situation. 


Watching her tug on the undershirt, I soon realized it was caught—on her ID bracelet. Rach kept tugging. Pull as she might, though, she couldn’t get the shirt off.

Realizing her mounting frustration, I intervened. “Pull it back first, Rach,” I counseled. 

Because sometimes we have to pull back before we can move forward. 

“That’s it, if you pull it back first, it’ll let go.” 

Because we may need to release before we can reap. 

As she pulled the shirt back up her arm, opposite the way she wanted it to go, it broke free. 

Because freedom is found in the release of that which is bound. [←Tweet this]

Once free from the bracelet, the shirt pulled easily off Rachel’s arm. And a cheer sprung from her lips. 

Because freedom is always worth celebrating.


Jesus Christ came to release the bound. To free us from the bonds of sin that ensnare us. To free us from the enemy’s traps. To free us from our own fallen nature. 

But freedom isn’t always found where we expect it. Sometimes it’s actually in the opposite direction. 

Sometimes we have to trace back to find where we are caught. Sometimes we have to release that which once seemed good. But it’s always worth it. 

Because being free means we can move forward. To a life of greater purpose. To reap the rewards of the life we were created to live. 

And that’s always worth celebrating.  

“Christ has liberated us to be free. Stand firm then and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1)

Reflection: Is there something you need to release, so you can reap the rewards of freedom? 

Linking up again this year with Ann Voskamp’s 2014 Joy Dare. Find the linkup at A Holy Experience. Beginning where I left off in 2013. What a blessing! #2502–2522, read the entire list by clicking here.

  • Mailing finished edited pages of a project; Morning sun warming the couch; Wrapping up the day with game of Cribbage with Zach
  •  Son’s singing in the shower; Washing machine that handles the mounds of clothes that appear; Comfort food, like chocolate and lasagna
  • Listening to live instrumental jazz music; Ability to chaperone my children’s school events; Finishing a day well
  • Rach’s squeal of delight when Joey walked in the house tonight; Enough leftovers for the entire day–joy!; Seeing my kids reap the fruits of their labor
  • Watching the cat and possum “game” happening on our deck; The powerful name for God of El Shaddai and the lovely song by that name–gives me goosebumps; My warm slippers 
  • Sky of cobalt blue; Planning for summer vacations; This precious face: ThisGirl
  • Superbowl food and fellowship; Big editing project completed; Children that enjoy being home & “hanging” with their “uncool” (I’m sure) parents 

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By His grace ≈


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2 comments on “Because Sometimes Freedom Isn’t Found Where We Expect It
  1. Karrilee Aggett says:

    We are neighbors today over at the Farm (at Ann’s) – so glad I stopped by! Powerful visual there… and great reminder that often, we really do need to pull back before we can move forward! Happy to be counting gifts with you today!

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Karrilee, you don’t know how pleased I am you chose to comment! My original link to this post was broken, and I had to repost. I was worried I lost my A Holy Experience gratitude linkup. You are an added gift today. Blessings!

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