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In God We …

Linking with The Gypsy Mama to write for 5 minutes flat without worrying if its right or not. Today’s prompt—Trust.


“In God we trust.”

It is stamped on our money. The motto of our country. But do we? Do I?

As I prepare to send my son to college, am I trusting God to take care of him?

As I look to an upcoming surgery, do I feel His presence?

When I look into the brown eyes of my daughter and wonder what her future will look like, am I believing He is faithful?

Peter walked on water because He trusted, but look what happened once he took his eyes off Jesus—he sank!

The many times I let fear get hold of me, the opportunities I let slide, the days I let boldness slip away. Those are the moments I took my eyes off Jesus Christ—and, in turn, sank.

Yes, In God We Trust!

But only when we keep our eyes on the One who gave His all for us.


 “Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you”
(Psalm 9:10).

Are you sinking today? Look to Jesus and walk in the trust that only comes through Him. You’ll find solid ground isn’t so far away.


By His grace ≈


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4 comments on “In God We …
  1. Wow Julie, this is very good and challenging too. You are open and transparent in examining yourself. What does trust look like when we are walking it in our every day lives.

    Thank you for sharing and causing me to examine myself to see if I am trusting God.

    Blessings in Christ…Susan

    • juliesunne says:

      I guess in my life, Susan, trust looks a bit like a bobber. I take my eyes off Christ and sink, then lift them up and start walking on water again. I’m grateful for the trust we share in the one true, Living God.

  2. Great article. Glad I popped by. Keep them coming!

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