Invite Rest in the Midst of Your Chaos (Just Begin)

“Rest is not something we engineer, but something we invite.”
Bonnie Gray, Finding Spiritual Whitespace

The days this week stretch out long before me. From early morning to early morning, one task after another begs for attention. 

Breathing deep, resting, watching the clouds blow gently by are all but memories and wishes. This is the week I’ve created. One filled with far more clutter and doing than is healthy for anyone. 

Living a life filled from end to end will become nothing more than obligation and weariness. Click To Tweet

I tell myself everything is important, that nothing can be dropped, and I believe it. And they may really be important. 


Yet where is the room for the Most Important?

When do I make time for the One Who Most Matters? 

When do I create space for this created soul to meet with the Creator? 

Inviting Rest

When do I create space for this created soul to meet with the Creator? Click To Tweet

I’m learning ever so slowly that living a life filled from end to end will become nothing more than obligation and weariness. 

So I step into a bit of whitespace. Actually I sit. Right there at my pretend Sea of Galilee. Right where I talk of crowds clamoring for Jesus’ time, where I tell the Vacation Bible School kids of His love for them and the amazing grace He gives.

Squished between groups of kids, this space rings of peace.

It’s just a moment, dissipating quickly with the sound of children’s laughter and the next group’s arrival, but it’s a beginning. 

It’s the beginning of a journey to rest. To allow my soul to breathe and connect with God. The beginning to a better story. 

Because we all need to begin.

And who doesn’t long for a better story?

“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Reflections: Have you found a bit of whitespace in the midst of your chaos? Do you regularly invite rest for your soul? 

For the next month or so on Thursdays, I’ll be exploring “spiritual whitespace” or soul rest with Bonnie Gray at’s first book, a deeply moving memoir of sorts, Finding Spiritual Whitespace: Awakening Your Soul to Rest, releases June 3. It’s perfect timing for this soul-weary gal and I’m sure for many of you. Won’t you join me as we find rest in the only place it exists, the bosom of the Lord.

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4 comments on “Invite Rest in the Midst of Your Chaos (Just Begin)
  1. Great reminder Julie, We have fooled ourselves to believe that to be productive and successful we have to be busy. – Yet business on keeps us from hearing Him.

  2. Thanks for this Julie ~ Shalom

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