No Longer Ten [Happy Birthday]

Joey 11

Eleven years ago (23rd), an amazing gift entered our lives. We named him Joseph Kenneth.

It was in the midst of severe weather, a tornado threatening, when we were set to usher our fourth child from the warmth of his mommy incubator into the cool unknown.

A precious bundle was placed in my arms that afternoon. One who would depend on his parents for warmth, shelter, food, and clothing for many years to come.

But we felt privileged to give him so much more than the basics.

We showered him with love and laughter and grew him with discipline and the Word. We rocked and walked him until fevers and restlessness passed and blissful sleep could takeover. We kissed the tears of pain and disappointment away. We prayed (and continue to pray) for strength and wisdom and for the boy to have a faith that would move mountains.

What an honor to be entrusted with stewarding another child of God, made in His own image. A priceless treasure.

This third boy of ours, a little like his mother, a little like his father. In some photos, he’s his oldest brother, in other’s the second.

Joey trumpetHe is passionate about sports, especially football; plays a mean piano and trumpet; and adores his sister. He has a soft heart for the underdog and loves to aggravate and be aggravated by his older brothers.

He’s a unique creation, far from perfect, but utterly amazing. Another miracle of life. Another testament to the power and glory of the Lord.

I pray he will always know his place as an adopted son of the Living God and live his life as one redeemed.

I am forever thankful God allowed me to be his mommy.

Happy Birthday, Joey! We love you beyond measure.

Questions for you: What gift are you especially grateful for today? Why? Can you think of a way to share that gift?

So thankful for gratitude gems #549–569 (read the entire list by clicking here):

  • Son mentoring son; Cute little critters made by Rachel; resurrected book outline
  • Dandelion drops dotting the lawn; hubby fixing magnificent meal of steak, taters, and asparagus; love
  • Mom’s sacrifice; mounds of laundry (brings Mom around to help); recycled clothes–passed on to the next boy!
  • Attending a @castingcrowns / @matthew_west concert; restored health of a dear friend; joy of giving
  • Spending long overdue time w/ extended family; daughter’s silly reaction to footless shoes & shoeless feet; providence
  • 3 fresh eggs from a sweet nephew; healing prayers of the faithful; teenage brothers truly enjoying time together
  • Butterfly soaking up the sun; bravery of a boy making sweet music; gift of a precious son born 11 years ago today

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By His grace ≈


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7 comments on “No Longer Ten [Happy Birthday]
  1. Mars says:

    What a truly sweet post. Happy birthday to your lovely son!

  2. Colline says:

    Happy birthday to your gift from God. May he have a blessed day.

  3. nmetzler says:

    Hope his day is filled with blessings!

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