The One Direction that Is Always the Right One

I remember in my 20’s , I’d look at certain older ladies and think, I wish I knew what they knew–someday I’ll have this thing called life figured out just like they do.

Now as another year passes and I’m approaching (or met) that “older” status, I know their secret:

Life is far too complex, sin-filled, and unstable to figure out. 


The part these ladies understand far better now than in their younger years is where to turn for guidance. That’s where their peace and poise comes from, not from knowing it all. 

I like to figure things out. To have a map of where I’m going. To have my life planned out. But in my limited foresight, I’m often lost.

Yet many days I feel like I’m at an intersection with no signs indicating which way to walk. I bet I’ve met many of you at the same junction. 

Where To Turn for Directions

But really, do I need directional signs to tell me that in God’s direction is the way I should go? The Lord is the dictionary, the encyclopedia, and the Library of Congress for each of our lives. [←Tweet this.]

To define a word or understand a subject, we need to enter the doors of the library and open a book. To define our life and find direction for our walk we need to enter into close communion with God through prayer and worship and open His Book, the Holy Bible.

God holds the answers to all our life’s questions.

It may not be the same as a sign pointing in a certain direction, but it’s far more stable and comprehensive. And even better, his guidance is infallible.

The Lord knows the direction for your life. He planned it from the beginning. Don’t look to a secondhand source for your guidance. Draw near to the One who has all the answers for life–the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

When you aren’t sure which way to walk, keep stepping toward the Lord. [←Tweet this.]

Abba Father will never lead you down the wrong road.

“Think about [the Lord] in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.” (Proverbs 3:6)

In other words, my friends, immerse yourself in the Lord; toward Him is always the right direction to go. (And you don’t have to wait until you reach my age to learn this truth and be one of those poised individuals others want to emulate.)

Reflection: Have we met at the unsigned intersection? Unsettling, isn’t it? But we don’t have to move blindly. Have you discovered that one direction we should always move in? 

Linking up again this year with Ann Voskamp’s 2014 Joy Dare. Find the linkup at A Holy Experience. Beginning where I left off in 2013. What a blessing! #2586–2608, read the entire list by clicking here.

  • Removable showerhead–great help with bathing Rach; Helping hubby; Deer scattering in front of me while an eagle flew overhead
  • Tweens and young teens exercising their musical gifts; Teachers willing to help with Rachel’s high school schedule for next year; Zachary’s humor
  • Sliver of a morning moon; How giving thanks becomes a habit & quietly boosts one’s spirit in the noticing; Evening devotions to wind down
  • Honoring our junior & senior National Honor Society kids at a banquet, congratulations Zachary!; Seat warmers (this year especially!); Sharing–deep soul like
  • The Lord’s blessings on 47 years of life; Homemade birthday cards, one that was lost before it was given :); DQ cake; Birthday Sequence; Calls and cards from loved ones
  • Sitting with a couple top-notch girls at speech contest; Hard work payoff for Zach–going to State speech in spontaneous speaking; Rocking my girl
  • Large windmills against a crismson sky; People braving bitter temps to pay tribute to a friend; Sneaking in Yahtzee w/ Joey before work


By His grace ≈


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4 comments on “The One Direction that Is Always the Right One
  1. tinuviel says:

    Hi, Julie. You linked up ahead of me at Monday Multitudes today, and I’m so glad I stopped by. Loved this: “When you aren’t sure which way to walk, keep stepping toward the Lord. Abba Father will never lead you down the wrong road.” Yes and Amen!! Thank you for that reminder. May the Lord bless and sustain you on the path He appoints today. Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus.

  2. Elizabeth Stewart says:

    I’m happy to “meet” you via Ann’s. Thanks for giving me the heads up about my link up being entered wrong!

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