Peeking Out, Being Brave [5 Minute]

Peeking Out, Being Brave [5 Minute]

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when you are not brave and fear grab hold of the One who is brave


I like to put on a brave front. I pretend I’m okay. But there are so many things I fear.

I fear failure.

I fear success.

I fear being hurt emotionally.

I fear saying the wrong thing.

I fear losing friends—or not having any to lose.

I fear physical harm to myself or my loved ones.

I fear ridicule.

I fear “fear” itself.

However, maybe being brave isn’t all that necessary. Because if I’m not, I know Someone Who will be brave for me. All I have to do is peek out around His hem, open my hand, and drop the seed.

One little seed.

I’ll sow. He’ll grow. The harvest will be plentiful.

It really doesn’t take much bravery. Not much at all!

Just holding onto the hem of the One Who is Brave.

It doesn't take much bravery to do life. Not much at all! One little seed. I’ll sow. He’ll grow. The harvest will be plentiful. Just holding onto the hem of the One Who is Brave. Click To Tweet


“Sow for yourselves righteousness; reap steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the LORD, that he may come and rain righteousness upon you” (Hosea 10:12).

Reflections: What fears send you into hiding today? Go ahead, hold onto the hem of the Brave. Peek around. Now sow—just one little seed at a time!

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Find hope in your real-life struggles. We'll chase it together! I am a wife; mom of 4 (including a young adult daughter with special needs); miscarriage mom of 5; author & follower of Jesus Christ. I write, edit, speak and enjoy everything outdoors.

4 comments on “Peeking Out, Being Brave [5 Minute]
  1. Oh boy. To list my fears would take more than five minutes, I’m afraid. lol Love your post; thanks for stopping by. Yep, looks like a kindred spirit round here. 😉 Blessings to you!

    • juliesunne says:

      My five minutes always takes longer than 5 minutes, Rachel! However, my fear list could go on for several pages, but I had to try to stick to the rules somewhat:) Looking forward to doing life with you!

  2. Linda Smith says:

    Julie ~ you encourage me to value to honor and to redeem the time –
    It has been more than one of those days and today you prompted a response ~ I fear the loss of hope ~ of a despair so deeply infused that breath will not come…trusting God for me and my needs are so small in comparison to the stories that filter through the friendships of my life…

    Right now I share the fear of a dear friend who will be entering the next stage of her treatment ~ she is so strong and has put on grace and faith and love ~ she soon will have re-constructive surgery to “put the pieces” back together – Colon Cancer the whisper that chills. We have shared a lifetime together ~ and we often say “you are the one who occupies the trust seat at our table today”.

    News from “afar” ~ my dear friend is holding the banner of God over those touched by the ravages of war and the impact that affects mentally and physically the families that are “safe” at home. I can’t pray enough for God’s protection and strength for this fine defender of faith and country…today is his birthday!

    Our new church is vibrant and loving and in this place where freedom IN Christ means more than just a statement of faith – it’s US all of US ~ loving on each other ~ with ALL that is within US ~ and overlooking the petty faults and sins unnumbered ~ where if we “LET” Him ~ the Holy Spirit longs to intercede. Every single person is important and necessary!

    We live under Grace ~ and Mercy Awaits ~ I fear NOT those who cannot purge my soul ~ but the undercurrents of hypocrisy and judgment which easily discourages tender hearts ~ burden me and lay barren the promises we are in trusted with.

    Thank you Julie for my 5 minutes ~ you bring me JOY and challenge me to look beyond my fears and see the BIGGER picture ~ the Joyfulness of living IN HIM and the delight of living for HIM.

    • juliesunne says:

      Your heart for others is displayed so beautifully in your words, Linda! Yes, tender hearts are easily discouraged, but only for a season if we seek Christ, hold onto Him with all we have, and enter into eucharisteo–experiencing the joy of immersion into thankfulness. Praying for you tonight and all on your heart.

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