Find the Power You Need for a Chaotic Life by Being Anchored In (& a book review)

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When my daughter was little, her  “after school” future seemed far away. Not so anymore. We’re likely within a half year of that future being her present (although she “graduated” with her class last year, she is still attending classes).

That thought is never far from my mind. I wake in the morning wondering what her adult life as a person with significant intellectual disabilities will look like. I lie down at day’s end pondering various options for living and working arrangements. Running into roadblocks with each idea.

Not only am I concerned about her physical well-being, but her spiritual well-being as well.

If I’m not careful, her future needs could consume and paralyze me.

anchor in God

A Steadfast Hope

The truth is I don’t know what might happen in the next few years. I can’t predict how things might change for Rachel after her father and I can no longer look after her.

But there is one thing I do know: Rachel’s heavenly Father loves her even more than we do, and He knows all about her future!

If I want to experience peace in the waiting, I have to remain anchored in that truth … anchored in Him!

That’s why I was excited to read Micah Maddox’s brand new book, her debut release, Anchored In: Experience a Power-Full Life in a Problem-Filled World. It speaks to the need of Christians to tap into God’s power to experience peace in this chaotic world. 

Although I tend to be anxious about Rachel’s future, the Lord “knows the plans He has for her,” and they are good plans (Jeremiah 29:11). His presence and power delivers the peace I need for these difficult circumstances. 

God's presence and power delivers the peace we need for our most difficult circumstances. Share on X

Maybe you are facing uncertain circumstances. Perhaps you are experiencing job loss, health issues, or relationship concerns.

Whatever it might be, join Micah as she helps us anchor ourselves in the one true Hope. To discover God’s power for our unique situation. 

anchor in God

Anchored In

In turning our circumstances over to a God who cares, Micah assures us that we can “live secure in God’s timing, God’s purpose, God’s provision, and God’s plan.” He has each of our futures in His hands.

“God’s power is the anchor of life.” We can count on His presence and His constant source of help in times of trouble.

In the pages of Anchored In, Micah assures us: “God’s power prevails no matter what the world brings our way.”

'God’s power prevails no matter what the world brings our way.' ~Micah Maddox, #AnchoredInBook Share on X

In fact, “when our problems make us question Him and call on Him, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a blessed thing. Anything that causes us to call on the name of Jesus is a blessing in disguise. It’s a tangible gift of God’s love for us.”

But don’t think that when you tap into God’s power for your life, it’ll be all easy street. “Living an anchored life doesn’t mean life is easy and that God is going to fix every problem perfectly, answer every question audibly, and come through with a miracle and confetti falling from the sky, but it does mean we can learn to live in a posture of expectancy. “

It’s that power of expectancy that makes the difference between experiencing peace or anxiety. 

The concern I have for my daughter won’t go away, but when I surrender it to God, peace will reign.

The Book

If you find yourself struggling with circumstances in your life, consider picking up your own copy of Anchored In. Even as an adult, Micah struggled with the fallout of her dad’s abandonment of his family when she was a young girl. She wanted freedom. 

Anchored In delivers the nuggets of wisdom Micah discovered in her own quest to experience God’s power and peace. It reads conversationally, presenting the author’s personal struggles and the biblical truths that provided victories over them.

Each chapter offers questions to encourage you to dig deeper into the concepts. In addition, each one ends with a prayer for God’s power and Scripture to draw you into His presence.

Although the text sometimes gets bogged down with wordiness, it’s a worthy resource to add to your collection. Because no matter what storm you’re weathering, this book will encourage you and equip you to remain anchored in the power and presence of God. 

In His presence—accessing His power—is where we can find peace for our most difficult problems. 

No matter what storm you're weathering, remain anchored in the power and presence of God. Share on X

“Victory doesn’t mean we will be free from failure or future problems. It means we will be found in His presence when we feel lost and alone.” —Micah Maddox

Reflections: Are there circumstances that keep you up at night? Are problems in your life keeping you from experiencing peace in your days? Have you tried surrendering them to God? 


By His Grace,


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