Reflections and Projections (Christmas Prayer)

It’s been a wonderful, full year. One of many blessings, yet not without its share of frustrations and difficulties as well.

Not much different from yours, I’m sure.

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The Lord has made His presence known in many ways through what I perceive as the good and the bad. He is faithful and exceedingly gracious!

You, my dear readers, are at the top of my blessing list. It’s been an honor to encourage and be encouraged by you. When I’ve felt like quitting—wondering if I have anything of value to share—your sweet comments, tweets, and shares have bolstered me. Thank you!

As Christmas draws near, I’m feeling compelled to take a brief respite from blogging to spent more time with my Lord and my family. To that end, I would like to end the year with some of my favorite past posts.

Starting tomorrow, Friday, December 21, through New Years Day, I will run archived posts set to my normal schedule, with perhaps an extra one stuck in here and there. I pray they bless you.

I will leave you with my end-of-year prayer.

A Christmas Prayer

Dear Holy and Sovereign God, 

When I look around at this broken world, the shootings, beatings, name calling, reputation bashing, and suffering, I wonder anew why you would lower Yourself to enter this evil-laden realm we call home. 

We are a self-righteous and haughty people, disdaining your law and mercy. Rejecting our very Creator, the very One who breathed life into dust. 

Yet You didn’t hesitate. You sent your Son, in the form of an innocent babe, to rescue us, to be the bridge that spans the chasm of sin in our hearts, to wipe us clean with His very blood.

You sent Him, the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and He willingly obeyed—putting aside His glory for a wretched group of upstarts.

Unfathomable grace. Unending mercy.


As we draw near to celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world, I reflect more on the meaning of this most miraculous event. Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude that you didn’t abandon us to the horrible judgment we deserve. 

Lord, during this most holy of seasons, I pray we will see You with fresh eyes—with Your eyes, Father. 

Help us to reach out to the hurting, the lost, the hungry. Open our hearts to be Your hands and feet here on earth. 

Draw us ever closer to You. 

May You be celebrated with joyful song this Christmas and throughout the year.

May your praises be sung from mountaintops, Your deeds declared loud and long.  

May hardened hearts be tenderized and hurting hearts comforted. May the peace you offer that surpasses all understanding be ours. 

May we put our faith in You solely, not relying on our strength or the power of an elected government. 

Jehovah, Ancient of Days, may you be worshiped, exalted, and revered, forever and ever. 

In Jesus’ glorious name I pray. Amen.

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

God willing, I’ll be back January 2 with a new look and some other exciting changes! 

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