Why It’s Tempting to Hide (and Why We Don’t Need To)

We are tempted to hide whether we are 16 or 66. Sometimes it just seems prudent to be someone we are not—even as adults—even as Christians.


In high school I never quite fit in. I grew up on a farm, so classmates grouped me in the “farmer” category. However, I excelled in academics, so “brain”or “nerd” fit well also. But then again, there was “jock” since I enjoyed sports. Other labels surfaced as well.

None of them really defined me, but they directed my thoughts and behaviors.

I felt torn as if I had to choose which person to be throughout the day. I’d felt pulled to switch from one to another as the setting demanded. I wanted to fit in, to be liked, to belong. 

Most of us feel the pressure to hide the real us at some point. We all want to be accepted for who we are but often become someone else to find that acceptance.

Too Easy To Hide

It truly is scary how easy it is to hide our true selves. And how often we do so. We hide behind our vocations, our volunteer ministries, our books, our hobbies, our T.V.s, our children, and our busyness. Sadly we even hide behind our religion. Whatever it takes to help us feel accepted.

The desire to belong, and the belief that we are lacking, keeps us from looking in the mirror (without makeup) to acknowledge the real us.

Sometimes we become so entrenched in our alter personae, we forget who we really are. And the world loses out on a wonderful you! 

Sometimes we try so hard to hide our perceived flaws, we forget who we really are. And the world misses out on you! Click To Tweet

You Already Belong

But you don’t have to pretend. You never have to hide who you are. 

You don’t need to strive to belong because you already do. You belong to God’s family as a child of God! 

Every single one of us was planned and created by Abba Father. We were created in His image. We have life because He breathed it into us. And we are promised eternal life by the power of the Cross. 

As Christians, we are adopted children of the one true God. We belong in God’s family tree. It doesn’t matter what we do for a living, how old we are, what we own, who are friends are, what we look like, how we dress, or our intellectual or physical abilities, we are accepted—not by our own virtues but by the power of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.

Instead of hiding our true selves, it’s time to let our identity in Christ be revealed. And to do so with boldness and passion. 

Instead of hiding your true self, let your identity in Christ be revealed. And do so with boldness and passion. Click To Tweet

Come Out of Hiding

Look in the mirror. Look past the makeup, past the scars, pimples, and other features we’d rather not possess. Go ahead, look—deep into your heart! See the mark of the cross there? That’s the  true you!

You and I are children of God—created, sanctified, purified, redeemed, beloved children of the Lord of all creation.

By the power of the Cross, you are somebody and Somebody’s!

Come out of hiding. Let that s(S)omebody shine. 

By the power of the Cross, you are somebody and Somebody's! Let that s(S)omebody shine. Click To Tweet

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!” (1 John 3:1)

Reflection: When are you most tempted to hide the real you?

Linking with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience in 2013 with my Joy Dare list for Multitude Mondays (#2271–2291, read the entire list by clicking here):
  • Clean report for Zach’s heart!; Spending the day with my boy–our time together is rapidly dwindling; Our furnace–brrr!
  • Contrast of the white snow drizzled on the dark ground; Pumpkin spice added to my morning Chai; Warmth of our wood stove
  • Practicing the Christmas cantata; Supper made by Rach (w/ help); Geese on the frozen lake
  • Spotted a majestic bald eagle as an early morning blessing; Joey released fm therapy; Quick freezer meals for crazy
  • Clean bill of health for Joey–no surgery needed!; Wonderful walk w/ hubby & kids; Fun night of games (w/ lap kittens)
  • Wrestling w/ the boys (& Rach)-never too old!; Working in the refreshing drizzly weather; Summer/winter clothes switched
  • Thanksgiving potluck at church–great fellowship & food; Rach wanting me to read to her; Unusual wispy cloud formations

By His grace ≈


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3 comments on “Why It’s Tempting to Hide (and Why We Don’t Need To)
  1. Luke Guy says:

    Yeah I hate labels, why must fit a world label IDK. Like in Highschool it was forever changing based on what people thought that day. Please. That’s why we must not worry and be what God has called us to be. If it’s the quiet, or sadly, the loud one (that can be me sometimes)

    • Julie Sunne says:

      Yes, Luke, we are all created uniquely, and purposely so. I’d hate to have a lot of “me’s” running around, but the one “me” is just right (although I don’t always feel that way). Same can be said about you and all the loud and quiet, serious and fun-loving people. God knows what He is doing. “All” we need to do is trust Him. Thankful you stopped in.

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