Treatment Plan for a Healthy, Confident Heart

At a time when hope threatens to never rise again, the power in the simple truth of God’s Word can call one’s spirit to attention, can transform lives. 
~Jo Ann Fore, When A Woman Finds Her Voice

Confusion, anger, and fear bubbled up from deep within. My youngest brother had taken off. Run away. You know, neckerchief tied to a stick kind of running. I ran up the hill after him, only to face his stubborn refusal to return.

Looking back, the incident is rather comical because there really was no chance he’d go far, but at that time my young teen heart couldn’t bear the thought of my family splitting up. My brother’s unwillingness to return home brought insecurity into my life for the first time.

A puddle of hot tears, I ran into the house (doors slamming of course) and did something I’ve never done before: I grabbed Mom’s Bible and began reading it.

Prior to this incident, I don’t ever remember opening a Bible. Yet, during a time of deep emotional pain, when my heart ached with each beat, I instinctively knew God’s Word held the balm for my soul. 

Self-help books fill bookstore shelves; counselors are busier than ever; advertisements for products and services promise happiness and contentment. Today, advice and offers of help are only a keyboard click a way.

Still anger, hurt, guilt, shame, jealousy, unhappiness range freely, taking prisoners without mercy. 

For the more we look to the world for help from our torment, the deeper it seems to embed itself in our hearts.  

The more we look to the world for help from our torment, the deeper it seems to embed itself in our hearts. Click To Tweet

Self-Treatment Failure

Throughout the Old and New Testaments, account after account illustrate man’s failed attempts at self-treatment. Solutions and solace were sought in a plethora of different places: a golden calf (Exodus 32), food (Exodus 16), leadership (1 Samuel 8), wealth  (Matthew 26:15), to name just a few.

Even the “good” guys of the Bible fell into relying on their own plan: Abraham and Sarah devised their own scheme to solve their childlessness (Genesis 16); King David sought to remedy one sin with another (2 Samuel 11); Samson let pride and lust be the balm for his restlessness (Judges 16).

Greed, wealth, power, fear, insecurity, and jealousy enslaved the men and women of the Bible despite their best attempts to find peace and fulfillment, just as it does men and women in today’s world. 

We walk through life as prisoners because we fail to recognize our ineffectiveness at self-treatment.

We live enslaved to unhealthy emotions because we refuse to embrace the healing power of God’s love.

We live enslaved to unhealthy emotions because we refuse to embrace the healing power of God's love. Click To Tweet


Effective Treatment Plan

Take a close look at your life. I mean really examine it at a deep heart level. Do your actions reveal yourself as a self-appointed doctor tasked with healing your emotional wounds? Or does your life reveal someone who has put God in charge of healing your heart? 

Plain and simple, God loves you! He loves His children with a ferocity that will never be tamed. Because you are His beloved child, He wants only good for you. He wants to see you whole and well. 

But for God to transform your wounded heart into a healthy, confident one, you have to allow Him to draft your treatment plan. 

For God to transform your wounded heart into a healthy one, you have to allow Him to draft your treatment plan. Click To Tweet

Healing my young wounded heart required God’s touch, and in my innocence, I intuitively knew that and allowed Him to do His work. However, as I grew in age and knowledge, I had to consciously allow the Lord to be my heart surgeon.

Loved Enough

First, though, I had to believe He loved me enough.

Through time in His Word, I learned the extent of His love. I learned He loved me so much that He sacrificed His only Son to heal me. As a young mother, that truth held immense power.

It still took many years of deep wounds, failed self-treatments, and immersion in the Truth before I was desperate enough to put my pride and fear aside and let God apply His salve of love. 

I acknowledge that giving your hurt to God is easier said than done. And know that it is not a one-time event. I am often reminded of my need to surrender my plan to Him again. To open my heart once more to his Holy, loving scalpel. 

Be assured, healing of your deepest wounds is within reach. But it’s not through any treatment plan you devise. 

A whole, healthy, and confident heart is only found in the Lord’s divine treatment plan.

Healing of your deepest wounds is within reach. But it’s only found in the Lord's divine treatment plan. Click To Tweet

Read of God’s love for you, saturate yourself with His truth, and let Him begin healing your heart.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Psalm 73:26)

Reflection: Have you turned over the treatment of your wounded heart to the Lord? If so, how has it impacted your life? If not, what is preventing you from doing so? (Let’s encourage each other in the comments.)

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8 comments on “Treatment Plan for a Healthy, Confident Heart
  1. Natasha Limberopoulou says:

    Amen Julie!!! Great post!!! I am in that process this past couple of months… He is truly all we need!!! Following you from Whimsical Wednesday!!!

  2. Cheryl Pelton Lutz says:

    Great post, Julie! His Word & Spirit are all we need.

  3. Thank you Julie for sharing this personal story and message. To answer your question, I think a lot of people (myself included) often think the answer can’t be that simple. So we get drawn into the “self help section” as you described.

  4. Shanyn says:

    Thank you for this Julie. Bless you! This openness is really so important when we are doing such important work, and avoiding the ‘self help’ trap is so vitally important for His children!

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