The Key to Walking in Truth

“Learn how to walk in truth by walking with truth.”
Beth Moore, The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Learning to do something well requires patience and perseverance. More than that, a mentor is often  needed to set an example—to show us what excellence looks like.

walk with truth

Before higher institutions of learning dotted our country, on-the-job training provided the necessary skills and knowledge for any given position. Apprenticeships still holds true for many careers.

Educators-under-training work with an experienced teacher to learn effective teaching strategies. Newly minted law enforcement officials are paired with veteran officers for a time. Electricians apprentice as do many trade professionals.

To become skilled in an area often demands an example to follow. Learning to walk in righteousness is no different.

When I became serious about living out my faith, I expected to find the walk easy. After all, the Ten Commandments laid out what I needed to do. I failed repeatedly.

Born with a predisposition to do wrong, walking in truth is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it is impossible without the help of the proper Guide: Jesus Christ sent as a mentor and Savior.

Studying Scripture reveals a sort of mentor/apprenticeship relationship God developed with His chosen people, even back to the beginning of man.

Beth Moore’s study of the patriarchs touches on a fascinating example of God’s mentorship with Abraham (Genesis 18:16–33). In this passage, God made an appearance to Abraham to demonstrate how to be right and just. He cast Himself as man to apprentice the father of many nations.

The Lord loves you and me enough to do the same for us: to humble Himself to personally walk with us.

The Lord loves you and me enough to humble Himself to personally walk with us. Click To Tweet

We fool ourselves if we think we can learn to live in truth by simply trying harder.

It doesn’t often work in our vocations, and it certainly doesn’t work in our daily lives.

We need an example to follow. That example is revealed in the Word.

More than that, we need to embrace the One who is that Truth, the One who will carry us when we fall short.

To learn how to write, walk with a writer. To learn how to parent, walk with a wise grandparent. To learn how to be righteous, walk with the Supreme Judge.

To learn to walk in the truth, we need to walk with Truth—the Creator, the Savior, Jesus Christ Himself.

To learn to walk in the truth, we need to walk with Truth—the Creator, the Savior, Jesus Christ Himself. Click To Tweet

One who gives us hope even when we fail. 

“Mankind, He has told you what is good and what it is the LORD requires of you: to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8).

Reflection: Have you ever thought of God as your mentor? What is your favorite passage of Scripture that reveals God’s mentoring relationship with us? 

Linking with Ann Voskamp for my Joy Dare list  for Multitude Mondays (#1077–1097, read them all by clicking here):

  • Working out of the wind; Encouraging and praying for my BFF; Being needed by my family
  • Editing in a peaceful coffee house sipping Chai tea; Second chances; Treasures found in past journals
  • All things are possible with God; Watching kitties play in the cool air; Organizing surprises
  • Technology that allows my girl to communicate better; Steep hills to walk up; Sun peeking through the clouds
  • Nighttime thunderstorms; New writing critique member; Easy evening meal
  • The beauty of two lives becoming one; First walk on the park trails since before knee injury in Jan.; Lasagna for supper
  • @BethMooreLPM Patriarch bible study; Comfortableness of being w/ parents; Warm car after cold football game
  • God’s willingness to mentor me


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  1. jillberan says:

    So very true!! Thank you for these very encouraging words, “To learn to walk in the truth, we need to walk with Truth—the truth of creation, the Savior, Christ Himself—One who gives us hope even when we fail. ” Truth I needed to hear!! Blessings to you Julie!!

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