The Bible Is Powerful (even a children’s version) – review & giveaway

“You all know the story from the Bible about David and how he defeated Goliath, right?” I addressed my question to the seven fifth and sixth graders in my Confirmation class. To my shock, one young lady shook her head.

We were discussing God’s plans for the Israelites and how He kept His promises to them, using prophets and then kings to guide them. I needed my students to have some knowledge of the main biblical points and stories from which to build.

She didn’t know much at all. However, she was eager to learn.

Somehow, I had to quickly get my young friend some knowledge of the more prominent biblical accounts so she could understand my lessons moving forward. The Bible was the answer, but reading and understanding the full-length adult or teen one would take far too long. She needed quick little stories that would accurately give her an overview of people and events in the Scriptures.

I turned to the children’s Bible storybook: The Beginner’s Bible. Although an incomplete collection of biblical stories, it too is powerful in that it points to our Creator and Savior and develops the habit of spending time in the Word. 

Gods Word

The Beginner’s Bible

This Bible has been a favorite in our lives for many years. The short but surprisingly detailed storybook features more than 90 stories, from creation to Jesus’ ascension. The bright pictures are beautifully done and capture one’s attention.

It’s the only Bible my daughter will bring with her to church. And I’ve offered her several. She’s worn through several copies through the years and is always excited to get a new one.

Rach and her Bible

Although written for 4 to 8 year olds, I enjoy reading a story from this book now and then as well. It offers just the right amount of detail to entice me to sit for a minute and be reminded of God’s sovereignty and love.

The Beginner’s Bible has thick, strong pages, a table of contents, and a dictionary in the back for those more difficult words. It even has a corresponding iPad app for audio, games, and more. Now that I realize such a thing exists, I’ll have to download it for Rach. It’s amazing how captivating and powerful listening to audio Bibles can be.

God’s Word Speaks

When one grows up in the church, it’s easy to take for granted the impact and importance of the biblical stories that were told and retold in Sunday School class, acted out and re-acted out in Vacation Bible School. I did, until I met a girl who missed out on all of them.

God’s Word is powerful! He promises it will not come back empty but will accomplish what God sends it out to do (Isaiah 55:11).

God's Word is powerful! He promises it will not come back empty but will accomplish what God sends it out to do. Click To Tweet

Biblical narratives told in a simpler manner prepare young hearts and minds to spend a lifetime walking with God … a lifetime of tapping into the power of God’s Word. 

It’s adorable when Rachel sits down in church and pulls from her bag The Beginner’s Bible and a journal. She looks to make sure I have my Bible and journal and then happily flips pages as she listens.

We all, including our children, need to daily be in the Word, regularly receiving the life-giving truths God breathed into its pages. What better gift is there to give at Christmas then a Bible? A gift that speaks eternity into hearts.

We all, including our children, need to daily be in the Word, regularly receiving the life-giving truths God breathed into its pages. Click To Tweet

“so my word that comes from my mouth will not return to me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.” Isaiah 55:11, CSB

Reflections: Did you grow up hearing those timeless stories from the Bible? What is your favorite biblical story/account? Did you/will you buy a Bible for someone this Christmas?

Hey my friendly readers, It just so happens, I have one hard copy of The Beginner’s Bible to give away. It’s simple to enter to win; just follow the Rafflecopter widget instructions below. The giveaway is open until Friday at midnight.

(And I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ll be giving away another children’s Bible the end of this week and maybe even one for us adults before Christmas.)

The Beginner's Bible

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By His grace ≈


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