Divine Deposits (God adds all we need)

There never is enough.

Enough time … Enough money… Enough effort … We always seem to be short.

How many of us wish for “more” on a daily basis? Wouldn’t it be nice to have “more” handed to us whenever we thought we needed it?

A friend recently shared a cute story about her grown son’s quest for more. Aaron has autism and lives in an assisted living facility in a town close to his parents. He holds down a couple part-time jobs and takes care of his daily needs but requires supervision for things certain things like his medicine and finances.

My friend explained that Aaron balances his own checkbook; however, they only place small amounts in the account, usually making a deposit midweek. One day, her son discovered he was short on funds. Instead of waiting for his parents’ to put money in, he simply wrote an additional amount in his checkbook ledger.

He needed more, so he added it in without actually depositing!

We had a good laugh at the story. But really, isn’t that how we often live?

Lacking in the funds arena? Use the credit card. A little short on time? Skip worship or Bible study. We add in what we don’t have.

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about not having enough in God’s economy.

Always Enough Divine Deposits

The Lord has plenty of love and mercy to go around. And when we need more strength, He adds just the right amount.

If we’re lacking in faith, the Father will be happy to compound our little and make it enough to move mountains. And on days we’ve fallen far short in living as Christians, His redemption and restoration is more than enough.

We may not be able to pencil in an extra $100 and actually have it or wish another hour into existence, but we can always count on God to have the extra we need.

The Almighty will add deposits on the ledgers of our lives in permanent ink, and we never have to worry about insufficient grace.

That’s something we can record in our ledgers with confidence.

We may not be able to wish ourselves an extra $100 or another hour, but we can always count on God to have the extra we need. The Lord will add deposits on the ledgers of our lives in permanent ink, and we never have to worry about insufficient grace Click To Tweet

“Israel, put your hope in the Lord. For there is faithful love with the Lord, and with Him is redemption in abundance.” (Psalm 130:7)

Reflections: What was a recent divine deposit in your life?

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By His grace ≈


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13 comments on “Divine Deposits (God adds all we need)
  1. “we never have to worry about insufficient grace.” SO thankful for this truth!

  2. alecia says:

    So inspirational!

  3. Melanie says:

    I can understand what she is talking about

  4. patsy says:

    Whatever we put into God’s bank is multiplied a hundredfold!!!! Time, money, effort, service, even our art! I have experienced His multiplication too many times to count!!!!

    • Julie Sunne says:

      I have as well, Patsy. Sometimes a good reminder is to try to list His deposits–if we are honest in our assessment, we will never be able to get them all down. Thanks for sharing.

  5. God so blesses us even when we aren’t the best stewards. It amazes me each month when I think I spent too much and then it all works out.

  6. Maryann says:

    I am an e mail subscriber

  7. Maryann says:

    We donated personal hygiene items to a local boys home. I went into the store with lots of coupons and $20. I got 11 items and stayed within my budget not including the tax, so I am glad we could bless others with what God gave to us and be good stewards.

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