His Story, Not Mine Revisited [From the Archives]

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I am enjoying time away with my family for a couple weeks. This presented a great opportunity to revisit some of my early posts. I pray these will inspire and encourage you. Don’t miss a chance to enter the giveaway for Katie Ganshert’s inspiring first two novels. The giveaway ends August 9. Enter by clicking on Your Story Is Important {and Two-Year Blogging Anniversary Giveaway}.

Grammy and Dove Award winning recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, had an unimaginably hard choice to make in 2008. May 21 of that year, their 17-year-old son Will drove into their driveway and struck their youngest daughter, 5-year-old Maria, killing her. This devastating time led them to a crossroad: Denounce their faith in God’s love and sovereignty they had long professed and let Maria’s death destroy their family or trust that the Lord had a bigger plan  to redeem this situation they were not aware of.

Mary Beth chronicled this grueling  journey, and her lifelong struggle with self-esteem and depression issues, in a very poignant book titled Choosing to See: A Journey of Struggle and Hope. In the end the Chapman family determined to trust even when nothing made sense–to hang on when their lives were swirling out of control.

We all have times in our own lives that we must choose–some more tragic than others. How are we going to respond to life’s circumstances when they go against our plan? It is a conscious choice we all have to make at some point.

Because life is a dance but often our toes get stepped on, or worse yet we trip and end up on the floor. The choice is to either get back up and resume dancing or nurse our wounds and miss out on the joy that could be ours. To be honest, I came close to quitting–on several occasions. However, God’s love kept speaking to me, drawing me back into the dance.

It is only in recent years, as I try to ascertain God’s will for my life, that I have started to see how the Lord is redeeming the loss of my five babies through miscarriage. And as I have purposed to see Rachel as her Maker does–perfectly made in His image–my joy in her has grown. New and exciting traits are now apparent that were lost when I chose to define her by her disabilities. I delight (and sometimes cringe) in her mischievous bent, her love for rough-housing, and her ability to minister to others.

In her book, Mary Beth summed up what has become apparent to me as well: “I can choose to SEE His story, or I can miss it.” I pray that you, too, will find the strength to see! And Jesus will meet you there!

Song by Steven Curtis Chapman

“‘For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,'” says the LORD. ‘For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts'” (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Reflections: Was there a time you had to make the choice to trust God even though it didn’t make sense? What effect did that have on your faith? Are you in a difficult situation now? How can I pray for you?

Linking with Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience in 2013 with my Joy Dare list for Multitude Mondays (#1956–1976, read the entire list by clicking here):

  • Waking to bird symphony thru open windows; Treating my son to a DQ Blizzard, just because; Textures&treasures of flowers
  • Greeted this a.m. by a hummingbird flitting among flowers; My little boys growing into young men; Trail outside my door
  • Found Rachel’s beloved stuffed kitty; Working w/ a super conscientious lady for our river rafting outing; Danny’s home
  • The vacation begins!; Undivided family time; God’s sense of artistry in the amazing landscapes of the Western states
  • Arrived in Salmon, ID, safe & sound; Incredible beauty&variety of color & terrain seen on our drive; Gorgeous Salmon River
  • My niece’s beautiful wedding w/ mtns as a backdrop; Sharing a dance w/ Dad; Being w/ my entire family 1000 miles from home
  • Breezes off the river; Blessing of half a banana; View from the balcony of our hotel room–take a look!View from balcony3

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  1. Marisa Shadrick on August 5, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    Beautiful song. So many believers suffer unbelievable moments and yet, through God’s grace Jesus is glorified. They are truly refined by fire, but someday God will make all things right. No more tears, no more sorrow.

    • Julie Sunne on August 6, 2013 at 12:15 am

      I love meditating on God destroying death and suffering and wiping away all our tears, Marisa.

  2. Marisa Shadrick on August 5, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    Enjoy your time off! 🙂

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